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What are some contemporary examples of inner peace and forgiveness within the Christian and Muslim community?

Asked by Maya_01 (477points) May 29th, 2023

Can anyone suggest contemporary Christian and Muslim examples of inner peace and forgiveness? For example, Leila Abdullah, a mother who lost her children in an accident and chose to forgive the driver. She also founded the i4give foundation and was invited to the Vatican by the Pope.

I wanted similar examples to this because I am writing an essay on religion and peace and I wanted to incorporate contemporary examples from the past few years. (max 2021–23)

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We’re really not supposed to help with homework here but you might try Googling Malala, the Dalai Lama or Pope Francis.

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@Maya_01 I notice you’ve only ever asked three questions here and they’re all homework related.

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this isn’t homework related. its just an essay I’m writing. also I want to add contemporary examples to make it relevant to today

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Is the Pope going to read this ? ? ?

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One suggestion would be to use punctuation such as periods, commas, and question marks, not to mention capitalization at the beginning of every sentence. That would be quite helpful if you’re writing an essay and is basic writing knowledge.

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Look guys I don’t understand the hate I’m getting for a simple question. This isn’t homework because I haven’t started learning it at school. It is a syllabus dot point but my teacher hasn’t started it and I just want a head start. I simply wanted a deeper understanding of current situations and people who have demonstrated inner peace. I don’t know what my teacher wants from me yet because I haven’t started the topic, but I want to prepare an answer so my teacher can further guide me. I thought this platform answers all sorts of questions and my teachers are sometimes hard to communicate with especially because I struggle voicing my ideas and concerns to them. All I wanted was guidance in regard to the matter. The fact that people are bashing my grammar is also hurtful. I didn’t think it was that deep. Again this just a studies of religion syllabus dot point which I haven’t discussed deeply with my teacher. As for people saying that I only asked three questions all homework related, I just wanted to point out that I didn’t know that I wasn’t allowed to do so. These are not homework questions just essays that I have drafted according to syllabus dot points. And I have always merely asked for guidance not answers.

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I can’t believe that I have to explain myself to people when I only wanted some help. I would ask my teachers but I struggle with explaining my ideas and I fear that my teachers are going to judge me.
It is very upsetting that people are still bashing me for no reason without knowing the full story.
I hope you guys feel good knowing that my self-confidence has been lost once again.

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I’m late for this, but from the look of it, you don’t seem to have read our guidelines. We are hard on grammar and we generally don’t tolerate homework questions. It’s literally written in the guidelines. So it isn’t surprising what you are getting from the answers.

Maybe next time include an explanation for why this isn’t a homework question? That’s what the details are for. After all there is this big line on the question section that says “The more effort you make, the better answers you will get.”

And take it however you want, but I’m a teacher and I have come to appreciate good grammar, and also feedback. I may sound like those old people who complains about kids these days having no knowledge of writing, but grammar is here for a reason. It may not be a matter for you right now, but once you graduate and come to the real world, you will understand the value, in situations like writing your CV for a job.

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I haven’t noticed the Muslims to be much on forgiveness, but apparently their tradition encourages them to forgive other Muslims who have offended them. Of course that still leaves plenty of room for Jihad on everyone else they don’t agree with.

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I am a Christian.

I have walked with an enduring sense of peace for many years now, so long that if I lose that peace, I’m scrambling to get back to it.

Here’s a link about supernatural peace.

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