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What do you do with bruised fruit or vegetables?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (37009points) May 30th, 2023

I took an apple out of the refrigerator this morning to include in my lunch, and it had a bruise. I slice apples for my lunches, so I just cut out the bruise. I ate the apple just now, and it tasted completely fine.

I throw away bruised or otherwise damaged grapes.

Stone fruit seems to spoil all the way through in my experience and has to be tossed.

I buy mostly frozen vegetables, so those don’t spoil in my house.

What about you? Are you willing to look past a bit of an imperfection in comestibles?

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I cut around a bruise on an apple or banana.
That is pretty much the extent of my fruit eating.

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I am cheap and I abhor food waste, so I cut away the bad bits and eat the rest. Not sure I would recognize a bruise on a grape, when I eat grapes I am a toddler, graceless and greedy.

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Toss ‘em. Store is close, produce is cheap, can easily buy more pretty much any time.

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When blueberries or strawberries turn white, I throw them out. Things that have bruises that I can cut out, I do.

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@canidmajor Now we know not to get between you and grapes.

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Cut out what I can and eat the rest. Produce, at least in my neck of the woods, is not what I would call cheap.

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Uh. Eat them? There’s nothing inedible about these “bruises”.

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I was raised on a farm by parents & grandparents who survived the Great Depression. A bruise simply means that it got bumped or dropped. It doesn’t always look very pretty, but it normally taste OK so I eat it!!! It’s a sin to waste food…there are starving kids in China or Africa!!! Since you slice yours, you see how deep the bruise goes. If it’s very deep or very soft, cut that area out & enjoy the rest.

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^^ or America!

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Tell them to not disobey me again.

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With an apple or banana or peach, I’ll cut it out. If grapes are mushy, I don’t like them. If strawberries are mushy, I may put them in a smoothie or I may throw them out, depending on how mushy they are and if I have others I can use instead. With things like carrots, if they get rotten looking, I throw them out. Celery gets soft, I throw it out. Lettuce, if it gets brown, I throw it out. Sometimes I’m gung ho about making salads and in a few days, I’m tired of it and the stuff goes bad so I chuck it out.

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Depends on how severe it is and the fruit. I usually eat around parts that don’t look pleasant to eat.

Unused fruit I generally take into the forest to leave an offering for the forest animals, far enough away from people that I fancy it won’t be attracting them to people / houses / etc.

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Fruit I make muffins or bread, or if too bad, into the compost bin for the garden.

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I hate wasting food. I cut out any rotten or discolored parts or I might cook with it.
If something is beyond my ability to overlook, I put it out for the animals at the tree line about 70 yards from my house. It is always gone by the next morning.

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When vegetables get past their prime, I get out my stockpot and add them to a batch of broth.

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I cut the bad bits out of apples as I cut them into quarters anyway. With bananas I eat the bad bits unless they look too awful then I’ll throw it in the bin.

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I keep apple scraps in the freezer and make apple cider vinegar in batches when I have enough. We usually use an apple slicer and freeze the core, but if the apples are going bad or if the kids want the skin cut off, I keep the good parts in the freezer.

When we have a lot of fruit that’s just beyond yummy to eat but not yet bad, we’ll make fruit juice.

I also keep veggie scraps in the freezer and use them in soup/meat broth or make exclusively veggie broth in a big batch and can it.

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Thanks @Cupcake, you’ve given me ideas!

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I either bake with them (fruit cake or blueberry muffins) or make a fruit salad with them (the usable part). With the fruit salad, I add orange juice and black salt (if you have any it makes a great change) to give it a citrusy tang.
Apart from that with bananas and strawberries, I freeze them right before I know I won’t be able to use them. Then on warm days, I make smoothies and milkshakes with them.
You don’t necessarily have to wait for the fruit to bruise to freeze it, you can just put extra fruits you have in the freezer and use them for shakes, etc.

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I typically throw old fruit%veggies in close by wooded areas…
It people can’t eat it, something else will…

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More good ideas, @Maya_01!

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