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Do you check into local free stuff?

Asked by KNOWITALL (29478points) June 3rd, 2023

Do you go to curb alert’s or garage sale leftover’s?

Will you drive five miles for a free item you want/need?

I am a frugal minimalist and have picked up a grill, recliner, wrought iron full patio set, and more already this year. All free within a few miles. Not even counting free food giveaways from a neighbor.

Do any of you do this?
If so, what good deals have you found recently?
Is this even a thing in your area?

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It is. We have a neighbor who’s involved in a local food pantry. When she’s finished with her shift at the pantry, rather than throw the excess perishable produce away, she brings it home to give away to her neighbors.

People also put stuff out at their curb for anyone who wants it.

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I would not know where to “check.” I don’t like used things and do not shop for used things, other than wooden ones or other sanitizable items. A family member is constantly finding “the best bargain in the world” and after filling her own home up with that stuff, she is offering it to her family members. I mean, how blessed can one be…...........

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Not so much for goods, but for things to do. We go on-line to a couple different sites to see what is happening in the area. Often we can find things that are free to the public. My wife and I just went to the “Flytrap Frolic”. There is a nature preserve over in Wilmington NC (about 20 minutes from the house) that is set aside specifically for carnivorous plants. They are having a big to-do this weekend because everything is in bloom. It was a lot of fun and didn’t cost a dime (other than gas to get there).

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I’m more likely to give stuff away rather than look for more stuff. I very occasionally go to a charity shop usually to drop off some books. The last thing I bought from a charity shop was a jigsaw puzzle last Christmas. I still have it but I will donate it back to the charity shop before the end of the year.

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I used to do some of that more often. Now sometimes, but rather less.

I did recently find in a FREE STUFF box: several wireless mice for Mac, a large old external flash drive, and an electric pencil sharpener.

Little Free Libraries are also a thing, and sometimes have good things, or at least, a view of what books the people in the area have had.

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All the time.

I randomly picked up a bunch of glass plates from traffic lights. (I don’t know what they’re actually called).

Just ran some art lessons using them on Friday. We talked about mixed media art and repurposing materials. Had the kids design their own lights.

Some did an arrow. Others did dinosaurs and ice cream trucks. We made stencils using blue painters tape on wax paper. And black paint. With some LEDs from another project.

The kids had a blast! And were super pumped about having a real traffic light.

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Got too much crap. We’re regularly giving it away and taking it to the landfill.

We have a place in our garage where we pile boxes of give away stuff.

We send stuff to Goodwill often. Craigslist is a good was to get rid of stuff for free and to sell.

Feels good to get rid of stuff to free up space.

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I mostly use a Facebook group called Buy Nothing The Villages, FL. There are Buy Nothing Facebook groups in a lot of cities. It’s awesome! People give away a lot of amazing things. I have given away items in the group too. I’m in the middle of the The Villages, so I usually wind up driving at the most 10 miles, sometimes just around the block, and I can run other errands while I am out.

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Ahhh good to see fellow re-homers.

We have fb pages for our communities. Anything from sharing garden produce to gently used/new items. And yes, events, too @seawulf575.

I’m constantly getting things and then will rehome or take to the thrift store that benefits our local children’s home. Minimal effort to help others and ourselves. :)

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Where I live, neighbors will post stuff in the local group (about 200 households) and then there’s a larger group for the town/school district families. I only once or twice got stuff,once was a lady giving away sample sizes of latex paint , four quart sized cans. Another time that same lady was giving away a Breville coffee grinder, which I was very tempted to take because it’s a brand that is used by professionals and businesses, but I didn’t need it so I figured I’d leave it to the Universe for someone else who may need it.

If I had a bigger house, I’d be into all the free stuff, a lot of it which is good quality around here, but my house is not big and I’m looking to get rid of stuff, not acquire it unless I really, really need it. Even at tag sales or in stores, if something is cheap, I ask myself do you really need it? Do you have room for it? Don’t you have enough of that item already? Do you have money for stuff you don’t need? The answer is usually no, so I try to pass it up.

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I give away old stuff in my garage via They really have usefulness left, it’s just that I don’t want to store them anymore.

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