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How close is Hadrian's Wall to the border between England and Scotland?

Asked by Brian1946 (32010points) June 3rd, 2023

I just read that “Hadrian’s Wall marked the boundary between Roman Britannia and unconquered Caledonia to the north”.

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Yes…I recently heard that, too!

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They were trying to keep Mel Gibson out!

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I read that they are building a huge shopping center right close to the historical wall – They are going to call it ‘Hadrian’s Wall-Mart”

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At the moment the wall and the border are not the same. It’s closer on the west coast but diverges and by the east coast it’s nearly 70 miles between the wall and the border.

There’s another wall further north when the Romans expanded their territory.

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Antonine’s Wall is about 100 miles to the north of Hadrian’s Wall but being mostly made of turf it isn’t so well preserved. It is of interest however as it marked the north west frontier of the Roman Empire for a while and many interesting artefacts found on the site are now on display in the Hunterian Museum in Glasgow.

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