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Which zoo and/or aquarium do you plan on visiting this month, June?

Asked by Acrylic (3358points) June 4th, 2023

June is National Zoo and Aquarium Month. What a wonderful thing to celebrate during this wonderful month! We have so many around here, zoos and aquariums, that we just can’t get to all of them. Major zoos like Brookfield Zoo outside Chicago or several smaller city zoos in a 50 mile radius, as well as Shedd Aquarium off the coast of Lake Michigan in Chicago and a nearby Cabela’s indoor aquarium, that leaves lots to see, do, and experience on the month of June to celebrate in style. We went to Washington Park Zoo in Michigan City, IN, yesterday, and plan to go to the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo next weekend. Lafayette, Indiana has a wonderful zoo, as well as Indianapolis and Milwaukee, WI. Where do you plan to go to celebrate this wonderful month-long June event? Pro tip: Grab a hot dog while there.

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None, and please don’t call me June. ;)

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My local zoo closed down & the closest open zoo/aquarium is over 2 hours away & I’m NOT all that interested!!!

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The ones that have Pride events I can join.

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I’m going to the Harvey Milk Afterlife Aviary, where they have a marvelous population of Pride Parrots!

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@Brian1946 Thank you for posting that! I’m going to order that one as my next diamond painting. What a beautiful and vibrant parrot! All the colors of the rainbow.

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You’re most welcome, @chyna!

For the parrots that have very long lifespans, it’s not just Pride Month, it’s Pride Century. :D

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None of the above. We have a great zoo in Atlanta and a pretty good aquarium, but the grandkids no longer find that interesting or exciting.

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Only the human zoo that is Glasgow city centre in summer.

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Zoos are not my favorite thing.

Aquariums are very different.

I used to occasionally chaperone my nephew’s field trips. We went to the Charleston museum. Of course. My group if kids wasn’t into it…

So. I tried to ask them lots if questions about different pieces. What could that be for? Does this seem like a good idea? Why not? Get the kids involved…

I personally find that destinations are often not as important as the experience, for kids…

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No Zoo’s, No Aquariums.
I visit experience life in its natural habitat.

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^^ Ditto. shutting up now

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I have no interest in seeing animals in jail.

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I haven’t been to the zoo in years, also not a fan of caged animals.
Aquariums are a bit more palatable. Springfield Mo has a nice Bass Pro Aquarium where you pet the stingrays if anyone gets out this way.

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Just found out the one nearest to me has Sea Otters, so that one — because…SEA OTTERS!

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OMG!!! Sea otters! They are the bomb diggity!

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@chyna: Right!? They are so adorable.

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No plans, but there is a good chance I might wind up at Animal Kingdom at Disney or go into “The Sea” Pavilion at EPCOT.. Actually, The Sea is probably more likely.

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The one with the glory hole in the bathroom. Hope to see ya there!

We get it. You don’t like gay people. If that what you want to argue, put forward an argument that doesn’t come from superstition or hate, you don’t have to drag our lovely zoos into the mix.

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