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Why is there so much venom and hatred spewed from some of the Christian community towards the LGBTQIA2S+ community?

Asked by chyna (51020points) June 4th, 2023

I have wondered this for a long time. I know some religions teach that gay is a sin. But as I sat in church this morning, I was looking at the 10 Commandments and to break those commandments would be fundamental sins. Yet many politicians are praised and practically worshiped when it is widely known, widely proved that they have broken several commandments.
This isn’t about politicians or republicans vs. democrats. This is a question about why being gay is supposedly so egregious a sin, yet isn’t even listed in the 10 Commandmants. Yet adultery, gluttony, bearing false witness, stealing, etc. are not only over looked, but at times even cheered on.

Please keep your answers respectful as this is in General or I will flag them. Also, this is NOT about politics.
Thank you.

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Because LGBTQ people reject the primacy of the church.

The psychological answer is because gay men have sex in the rear, which our mothers teach us is dirty.

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It’s designed to be a distraction from the financial crimes being levied against the American people. The vast majority of Americans think billionaires should be paying a higher tax rate than their executive assistants. It’s one of many basic economic truths that would easily unite the American population, and yet every year the budget pushes through more and more legislation that benefits the very top. It’s one of the few things that Republicans and Democrats seem to find ways to compromise and make happen while they take huge donations from said billionaires. ]

So why isn’t there unity on these issues? Because said billionaires hire focus groups and think tanks to create culture war boogie men to ignite culture war wedge issues to divide Americans on. The Religious right are spoon-fed propaganda about how LGBTQ is destroying America and scapegoating the problems onto, while the Democrats get to attempt to look like they’re doing SOMETHING useful as they’re secretly undermining the working class with their “compromises” (that were planned from day 1).

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Leviticus says that gay people should be killed.
Mind you, that is not the reason they hate gay people. They just think it is icky. The bible just gives them a textual excuse for their hatred.

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Mainly because they CHOOSE to pick & choose which part of the Bible that they will follow!!! If it says “they” are sinning, they make excuses as to why it’s OK for them. If it says anyone else is sinning, you’re going to hell. My BFF & I go head-to-head frequently because of it. She lived with her eventual husband for over 25 years. Yet when my eventual husband first moved here, he lived in my home until we could get to know each other better. Every chance she got, she cried & told me she wished that I’d get married so I wouldn’t go to hell & we could be friends for eternity. I always pointed out to her that we were likely going to spend eternity together since she was also living with her boyfriend. She always would say but she was going to get married eventually. Funny thing was that I got married before she did but it didn’t negate my sin!!! Yet when she finally got married, she was good to go.

I find the Bible to be full of contradictions. It shows that God said that man should not lie down with another man. It also says that we’re supposed to love our neighbor. God loves everyone & I feel it is HIS job to determine who will be going to Heaven & He’s NEVER once called me to ask for my opinion!!!

As for the right using it, I see it as a distraction to cover their own sins. It makes them feel superior to others because they are only doing little sins that don’t really count. It’s also a part of “controlling others”

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Our minister read “Jesus at the Gay Bar” at our service this morning. It says more than I could say:

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Religion is not rational. It is a failure of some people to learn how to know themselves. They hold fear close and allow it to comfort them, and in doing so never fully submit to the abyss of uncertainty which is actually liberating when you do. In other words, religious people cannot let go, they have to have something to hold on to. Something people have a hard time accepting is that letting go and submitting to fate, others and the randomness of life is one of the most profound things a person can do. Religion is a surrogate for that state and it destroys most real opportunity for it. Christian fundamentalists see “sin” everywhere. They have to or their whole belief system falls apart. Most people are of course just following a sick herd and get pulled along and encircled with these beliefs because of social proximity. Sad, Sad Sad. LGBTQ people are easy targets for them.

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It’s about money – it always is.

Clergy (ministers, pastors, priests) and the Church (almost all christian churches) only make money when people tithe and contribute to offerings weekly or monthly. Which means they need to get people sitting in pews and engaged in prayer and sermons.

And how do you engage them with the church? Give them something to hate. and Give them something to be scared of.

When the parishioners are scared, they look to clergy for guidance and teaching. Full employment for the minister. More money for the church. Hate is a big moneymaker!
It isn’t in the best long term interest of the churches (the hate churches) to be moderate and understanding (and embrace gays and others). They lose money by being nice. They make money by scaring people.

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Although I agree with most above, I am tempted to play devil’s advocate.

I will say that most religious people aren’t bothered by it. But some don’t want their children around that part of the human experience…

They don’t want their children to be gay. They may think it’s just a matter of environment, or that it’s contagious. Mostly. Like most parents, they probably don’t want to have to have the “talk,” about sexual matters…

I am tempted to say that I have actually heard of something about “man lying with another man,” being in the Bible or sime other Christian text…. I wouldn’t know…

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To start with, let’s get to the heart of the question. Christians (good Christians) don’t have venom and hatred against the LGBTQ community. They don’t support pushing the beliefs of that community onto society as a whole, that is true. And the more they are pushed to accept it as normal and okay, the more they will resist.

But the question goes on to list the 10 Commandments as the only list of things considered a sin in the Bible. It isn’t. And to be honest, the 10 Commandments are Mosaic Law (Laws of Moses) that were strictly Jewish in the beginning. Christians are the followers of the teachings of Christ Jesus. Jesus was the sacrifice of the new covenant to them. It doesn’t replace the old testament (including prophecies) but works with it and makes the laws actually attainable to man.

Then onto the meat of the question. Why do they believe it is such a sin? Because it is listed quite a few times throughout the Bible as being a sin in the eyes of God. It isn’t just once or twice. It is listed more than 25 times as being a sin. From the Old Testament to the New. It isn’t that the Christians are saying it is a sin, they see it as God telling them it is a sin.

And to tie it all together, let me relate a story our pastor used in one of his sermons. We had a woman that started showing up to church regularly. She kept to herself and sat in the back, usually slipping out quickly after the sermon. One Sunday she stuck around a little bit and asked the pastor if she could talk to him. He was glad to. He mentioned he had noticed her there on previous Sundays but hadn’t pushed to meet her. She told him she was uncomfortable in church because she was a lesbian and was pretty sure the congregation would hate her if they knew. His answer was very simple. He told her that there would probably be one or two that would avoid her, but that she was always welcome…everyone is welcome. He said that to be straight up, the Bible teaches us that homosexuality is a sin in they eyes of God. But he also told her that we are ALL sinners. It is the nature of humans to sin. It isn’t for us to judge her, that is between her and God. But he told her we are more than willing to help her have a relationship with God.

Maybe I’m wrong, but that isn’t venom and hatred. It is identifying a sin, yet accepting the person anyway.

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Years ago the LGBTQ community was seen as a security risk. That someone could be extorted by a foreign power.

I don’t think that they do that anymore. At least in the free world. Haters didn’t get the memo that It is ok to be gay. It is a delayed change.

Also socialism and witchcraft are ok now in Canada. We no longer burn witches and lock up communists.

Even marajuana for personal use is legit in Canada, just don’t take it over to border.

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This is old obsolete thinking that just won’t go away slowly. Strides have been made, but it shows you that religious beliefs have not caught up with society beliefs.I am sure my grandfather and father carried some of these same brainwashed beliefs in their days.

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People fear what they don’t know. And the church doesn’t encourage them to know things beyond what they preach.

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I have to agree with @seawulf575.

In many discussions with Christians, the active sin of practicing homosexuality makes them uncomfortable.
Like you being a recovering alcoholic but hanging out with drinkers.

I’ve been taken to task a few times as I’ve always had gay friends, mostly men, my whole life. I would never comment on their choices, anymore than they’d comment on my weight.

One friend has super Christian parents and told them he was getting married and needed their blessing. They said they wished the cohple all good things and a happy marriage but couldn’t give their blessing against God’s word. It hurt him deeply but he understood.

And the anal sex is often all anyone can see when homosexuality is mentioned, @Hawaii_Jake is right. As if cis males don’t have a prostate/erogenous zone in the rear, too. Sigh.

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According to rural US Christian radio I’ve heard, tolerance for gay marriage has been causing God to send deadly weather attacks on the Bible Belt.

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I just finished watching the Amazon documentary about the Duggar family and the IBLP church (cult) they belonged to. It ended up being much more about the church and its founder, Bill Gothard.

Their whole perspective is about hierarchy of power: god > church leader > husband > wife > children

Very conservative, patriarchal, traditional sex for procreation only, completely controlled by the men to the point where rape is justifiable.

Any lifestyle, sexuality, gender identification, etc. that deviates from theirs is a threat that needs to be eliminated in the name of god.

And while it’s clearly a cult, there are thousands of members worldwide. Many of whom are in American politics.

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While the religious have so much trouble following the commandments they have been given it makes no sense for them to attack others for not following commandments they haven’t been given.

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^^ Agreed. What did GOD share with THEM the last time they sat down for a beer with him/her that they can enlighten us on?

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@flutherother said it better than I did. Thank you!

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Some people don’t, can’t
or refuse to understand the LGBTQIA2S+ community.

Some people fear what they don’t understand.

Fear breeds venom and hatred.

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@SABOTEUR I’m beginning to think nobody understands the LGBTQIA2S+ community…not even themselves. I’m seeing more and more LGB coming out against TQIAS2+ because they are saying their actions and behaviors don’t represent LGBs. So if they can’t understand each other, how is someone from outside the “community” to understand them?

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@seawulf575 (smiling) I have no answer for that. But then I don’t need to have an answer for that. As a heterosexual their issue doesn’t involve me. I have “no dog in the race”. I need only accept what they accept for themselves.

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@SABOTEUR I thought that for most of my life but after seeing specific situations, including financial, I now support SSM for legal equality reasons.
Now it’s a very complicated subject politically as we navigate the laws. Injustice for any American is an injustice against us all.

Jesus said to love our neighbors as ourselves and treat others as we’d be treated. That’s all I really need to know on the spiritual side.

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