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What is your go to snack?

Asked by Maya_01 (477points) June 5th, 2023

What is your go-to lazy snack or meal?
For me it’s ramen but I would be delighted to explore more quick and easy snacks.
My friend always makes avocado toast but I like that for breakfast rather than dinner.

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I buy these cans of “fishsteaks,” in Louisiana hot sauce. I actually add some hotter sauce. But. They are great. Almost all protein, essential oils, but obviously sodium…

The best things for on the go, are almonds. Plain…
Protein, beneficial fats/oils…

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Popcorn, cooked in oil on the stove.

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Carnation Instant Breakfast.

Also KD. (Kraft macaroni and cheese).

Also boiled cheese Smokey’s in a sausage bun.

Broccoli and cheese.


Pizza pockets.


Peanut butter and Jelly sandwich.

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Also I would split a tin of smoked oysters with my grandpa at night. We would dip bread in the oil.

Other things I would have are different flavors of canned sardines/salmon/kippers.

Also a tall glass of buttermilk each. On its own. I don’t recommend having buttermilk and seafood at the same time.

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Fruit. Apples, Oranges, Watermelon, grapes.

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Popcorn popped in a hot air popper. Sometimes I drizzle a little butter, but mostly I just pop it and quickly sprinkle finely ground sea salt on it. I don’t buy any ready-to-eat so-called snack foods other than sugar-free ice cream and one-ingredient peanut butter. Salty snacks are popcorn or a little cheese in a small flour tortilla. We like fruit too.

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At home, it would most likely be Skinny Pop popcorn or cheese and crackers. I like Skinny pop not necessarily for the low calories, but because it’s very natural tasting, not too salty, no fake butter flavoring. Cheese and crackers would be any cheddar or American on any basic cracker.

We’re also into berries, so it might be a bowl of blueberries or blackberries or raspberries, or an apple or orange.

Also it could be trail mix.

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Celery with almond butter.

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Fruit, sunflower seeds, gf cereal sometimes.

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Cookies! Open a box and off you go.

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These are what I like for snacks, but probably wouldn’t substitute them for dinner.

Cheese and crackers



Hard boiled eggs

Graham crackers with peanut butter

Celery sticks with peanut butter

For a quick dinner, I often opt for quesadillas with some chopped veggies. Just pop the cheese covered tortilla in the microwave, or fold it over and heat it up in a pan on the stove.

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Carrots. Crunchy, crispy and satisfying with a touch of natural sweetness.

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Did someone say COOKIES!!!!!

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Lazy meal is always cereal with oat milk.

By the handful snack is dark chocolate covered almonds.

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Meal? Hamburgers. Snack? Chocolate pudding.

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I make a cornmeal Jamaican porridge that is very simple to make, feels you up for awhile, and delicious. I also make a Korean breakfast called Korean Egg Rice(Gyeran Bap) that is very simple to make. You can find the recipe on YouTube with Arron and Claire.

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^ Which kind @NoMore??

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With nuts

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Pepperoni slices

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cocoa almonds with fresh dark cherries mmmm
black licorice
hard boiled egg
string cheese
kippers with saltines
berries, apple, cucumber, grapes, baby carrots
celery with peanut butter or cream cheese
bagel with cream cheese

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