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After I am finished taking French from Doulingo could someone from Quebec understand me?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24047points) June 5th, 2023

Or are the dialects between France French, and Quebec French too great?

Which French does Doulingo teach?

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I don’t know about Duolingo, but I learned Parisian French in school, and was able to get along fine in Quebec was a similar adjustment to understanding English spoken by various Brits.

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Yes. The slang and the accent will be different but you would be able to communicate with a Quebecois.

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Check out this blog. It’s NOT a long read but explains a lot of the differences.

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Psst. It’s “Duolingo”.

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I bet you’ll be able to tell them about the hiking habits of your pet owl and snail.

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Unless you are in Montreal. The province is fairly forgiving if you at least try and come close. Montréalités will still look down their nose at you.

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