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Do you like flowers?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24047points) June 5th, 2023

Or not?


Humor welcome.

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Love flowers! Love the colors, love the smell, love the texture of their feel. I’m a true flower child! Awesome question!

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Despite working in a market garden through the summer of 1967 bunching and boxing an infinity of dahlias, until the skin of my thumb wore through, all the while listening to songs on the radio celebrating “flower power”, I quite like them.

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They smell nice, but then wither and die.

I find some people get a bit too excited about flowers. Like calm down. It’s nothing you’ve not seen or experienced countless times before.

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Are there people who do not like flowers?

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@LostInParadise I don’t like smells of flowers. I prefer fresh clean air. I get my color fix from YouTube. I would prefer a circus snack. Like a funnel cake, and a cold coke.

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I like flowers, daffodils, mountains, and the rolling hills, as well as the fire place when the light is low.

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I like flowers, potted flowers and plants, and cut flowers in vases and holders. I love the details in the petals, the colors, the variations, the scent.

Some refer to cut flowers as dead, which technically they are, but they are still beautiful and in my opinion, should be appreciated for their beauty.

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I love flowers, but am not a huge fan of cut flowers.

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Love having flowers and flowering bushes in my yard.

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I love flowers, but my allergies stop me from enjoying many.

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“The Earth laughs in flowers”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Flowers good!

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Yes I do. I plant new ones every year.
My Favorite flower, you ask?
“The rose is a rose,
And was always a rose.
But now the theory goes
That the apple’s a rose,
And the pear is, and so’s
The plum, I suppose.
The dear only knows
What will next prove a rose.
You, of course, are a rose
But were always a rose.”
― Robert Frost

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I like them, but I prefer them outside in soil. I’m especially fond of impatiens and tuberous begonias because they are happiest when grown in the shade.

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In my yard I have peonies which are gorgeous and in pots, amaryllis and hibiscus and lillies. The potted ones come in for winter. I have another one in the yard which smells really sweet but I forgot what it’s called.

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I remember what the sweet smelling ones are – hyacinths. Such a sweet smell.

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We grew night scented stock in our front garden in what I now appreciate was my prime and my happiest days. On coming home after a day’s work I always smelt its welcoming scent just before I saw my family again.

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Yes (I come from a family of florists, after all), but I never make the time to keep them in the house.

It’s on my “need to get better at list” along with sending birthday cards, and thanking service folks at holidays.

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I love flowers. During the growing months, I have 4 planting beds filled with things that bloom. Year round, I always have a vase of fresh, cut flowers on a table near my front door.

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Love flowers as long as you don’t hand cut flowers to me when I have you over for a party. Don’t give me more to do.

I also don’t like to deal with the bees they attract, so as long as I don’t get stung I’m all good.

Flowers are complicated for me.

It is incredible all of the variety and colors. Nature is amazing.

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@JLeslie if I plan days ahead, and I know I’m going to be giving someone flowers as a gift or when I visit, I will pick up a glass vase in Goodwill, put it in the dishwasher so it looks like new, and bring the vase with the cut flowers so the host doesn’t have to hunt for a vase and set it up. A nice vase in Goodwill might be a dollar or two. Really it’s amazing how it will come out of the dishwasher looking like it’s brand new.

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@jca2 If they bring the flowers in a vase then no problem! That makes a great presentation.

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Of course. But Rick knows not to buy me any

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^ Why? What happens if he does?

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Because flowers are a complete waste of money.

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^^Agree! When I was first dating my husband I told him not to buy me flowers.

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@Dutchess_III Making the woman you love feel special is never a waste of money (though I tend to give potted flowers so we can plant them).

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@gorillapaws I can’t answer for @Dutchess_III, but wasting money when that woman has to worry about money is annoying. It’s not special it’s ignoring the financial stress she deals with. Even if we have plenty of money if we prefer practical gifts, it’s ignoring what we prefer.

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@Dutchess_III: Ah, I get that. I was hoping it was something more dramatic — like the scent of certain flowers turns you into a mythical creature or something.

@JLeslie: Am I the only husband who handles all the finances with a purposely clueless wife on the matter? I hear this all the time from women. I saw it with my parents. Wife stresses over the finances while the husband is blissfully ignorant. I have the opposite situation.

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@cookieman It varies from couple to couple. My dad is clueless about the bills, my mom does it all. My husband and I switch on and off throughout our marriage.

My guess is neither you or your wife have to “worry” about paying bills. Middle class couples who can easily afford their bills, it isn’t a big deal if one spouse checks out of the responsibility of keeping track of the money.

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