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Are you considering Apple's Vision Pro AR headset?

Asked by gorillapaws (30690points) June 5th, 2023

Apple just unveiled their new AR goggles called the “Vision Pro.” Is it a product you’d consider, even with the steep price tag of $3,500? What use cases have the most appeal for you?

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It’s not exactly the augmented reality I was hoping they would provide but that will come soon. I’m not paying that price but I’ll be in once the tech is more mature and more affordable.

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Nothing to see here.

Let me know when it can identify aliens living among us.


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I suspect someone in my family will buy it. Not yet but when the price comes down.

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I am not considering any apple products.

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I’m not very eager for any AR/VR product, but I think this does some cool things like giving you a giant monitor and freeing the user interface from touch. If cost weren’t a factor, I could see it easily replacing the iPad. I’m curious if it tricks the eyes into focusing on near and then far objects—like would you have to take it off for a few minute to focus on something real in the distance.

I just met with a startup vendor who is trying to build a VRChat-based world for peer support groups and licensed counseling. Putting his presentation and this device together certainly would appeal to a segment of users, but not for that price.

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For that price, I’d rather go on vacation.

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Id probably wait for the next generation. First gen Apple products always seem to be a work in progress.

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It won’t become available until next year after developers figure out what to do with it. I will let you know then as use cases are brought forward.

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If someone can explain to me what it’s for I might consider it.

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@flutherother I think the most compelling use case for me would be the ability to create a distraction free environment to get work done. You could go into a personal bubble pull up multiple windows and write some code, or debug an app, or design a website, or compose a song, or create a logo, or draft a legal brief, or whatever it is that you do as a professional on a computer.

I think for some professions, the ability to boost productivity in an otherwise distracting environment is priceless.

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I love Apple, but no, not at that price. Plus, it’s unrealistic living with my wife and daughter. They would make fun of me relentlessly wearing that thing around the house.

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Thanks, @gorillapaws I’d be curious, but I don’t think it’s for me. Especially not at that price.

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Even on the assumption that the price is going to come down, I would have to try it in the store to determine if it is of value. I am not sure I would like the way that the external world mixes with the computer world.

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It’s stupid crazy money for rich people to spend. When it can get integrated into stylish prescription glasses and is invisible, with a battery life that lasts all day without the need for a battery pack, that can turn on and off with a finger flick, and is less than $700 then we’ll talk.

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^^ I got to play around with a Beta version of Google Glass years ago.

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Last year I was considering a virtual reality headset that you put your phone in. I think they are $50—$150 now. Still kind of weird to me.

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I don’t think I’d ever let a concept like that into my personal life, but I can see the appeal for productivity in some professions. Heck, maybe I’d even put one on when toiling away in my bakery, though I suspect AI assistants will do more for that profession than AR. Anyway, I’ve seen the trend towards multiple monitor setups, and this is probably easier and more elegant of a solution.

What I really can’t wait for is this stuff to be developed and integrated into professional sport.

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I’m seeing a bunch of reviews from media who were able to demo the headsets that consistently seem to be blown away by the experience.

@Smashley “What I really can’t wait for is this stuff to be developed and integrated into professional sport.”

I know this probably isn’t what you meant by that, but apparently the Vision Pro will be able to recreate “courtside seats” for live basketball games. That would be pretty epic.

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That would be neat, but you’re right, I’m interested in how AR can translate data into an edge in sporting competition.

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