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Can you help me? My task bar changed from words to symbols and the "move to" is gone.

Asked by JLeslie (65076points) June 6th, 2023

I am trying to move some documents into different folders and previously I would click on “move to” and put them into the new folders. Now, nothing says move to, even if I right click. The task bar at the top has changed from words to symbols. I want the old task bar back.

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I probably can’t help you but I’m sure we would need to know what hardware you, i.e. model of your laptop, what operating system you have, and what program you are trying to use.

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If your on Outlook, you should have the O symbol in the top left corner. That should restore your settings. Good luck.

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I wound up checking a box so I can see all files down the left side of my screen, which I actually might like better, so I am going to try that for now, but I wish I had both.

I have microsoft, I think version 11, but I am not sure.

It wasn’t for Outlook.

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If you had Windows 10 it could be that it automatically updated to Windows 11. Microsoft likes to force this crap on users.
Windows 11 has many context menu items that were previously there, buried under another submenu.

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Same thing happened on Hotmail. I think Microsoft changes things like that just to be irritating. It is certainly not an improvement.

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