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When was the last time that you lied?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24047points) June 7th, 2023

To yourself or others?

When was the last time that you spotted a liar?

Share your experiences.

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The last time I shared a not-fact was to tell my host that I slept well. It would serve literally no purpose and cause distress, to answer factually, as there was no way to remedy it.
Courtesy and appreciation for the hospitality is infinitely more important.

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I live with a terrible liar so its quite frequent. I also can read liars pretty well face to face.

I was raised to never lie unless it was a harmless white lie to spare feelings. So that’s not something I do.

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Yesterday. My SIL was saying how my brother kept it a secret for six months regarding the gift he made me for Christmas. Nope. He showed it to me as soon as he made it last June because he was so excited about it.
But I just agreed with her that I was totally surprised.

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I sometimes withhold a little of the truth to spare someone’s feelings otherwise I am not a good liar because lying makes me uncomfortable.

The last time I spotted a liar was when the Russian Defense Minister claimed that the Kakhovka Dan was breached by Ukrainian shellfire and not by his own military. That was quite an easy one as just about everything Russia says is a lie.

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Never have.

Except for right now.

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I think the last time was when I told someone we weren’t sure if we were moving.

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I told a family member a few months I was sorry I was not with her (in another state) to help with something. Truth is I’m glad I’m not up there.

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