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What are some careers/jobs in which you are paid to think?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24047points) June 7th, 2023

Instead of a routine job.

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I can’t really think of a job where you don’t need a brain.

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I struggle to come up with a job in which you only think. The way in which you act upon the thoughts in your head is what people are paying you for, no matter the profession.

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Like a think tank. Or a supervisor/manager. A writer. A policeman. An ems, a fire fighter. A doctor, nurse or psychologist/psychiatrist. A politician.

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Do you just mean a job with an intellectual component?

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Any kind of an engineer.

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Then literally every job. It’s just a matter of how intellectual you wish to draw the line. If you’re including police and ems, you have to include lunch lady and plumber,

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@Smashley Ok sure. I heard the phrase “I don’t pay you to think”, and I wonder what the opposite job would be. Where it is a positive to rock the boat? Like opposition leader in government.

I would like a job where you can stop and think. I was declined a sales job because I stopped and thought about what was going to say. The word uses was that I was tentative? Whatever that means?

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Everyone is paid to think.The notion that they aren’t is just a jerk throwing their power around and attempting to assert dominance and compliance. It sounds like in your scenario, it’s not that they are against thinking, but just wanted a different personality type.

Don’t discount the fact that people are biased against non-neurotypical folk. They probably had to say something, so they said “tentative” instead of “we don’t hire people like you.” It’s shitty, but pretty common for a customer service job.

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Every job.

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Intelligence analyst.

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Since I haven’t found the job that pays me to veg out in front of the TV or sleep all day, I’d have to say all jobs to one extent or another. But jobs that require more brain power? Engineer, chemist, investment banker, screen writer and/or playwright, Nurse/Doctor, any sort of analyst.

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social worker/therapist.

Even a job which may be known for physical stuff, like a construction worker, will require thinking – thinking about the right way to do the job, thinking about safety protocols, thinking about what tools or supplies are needed for the job, etc.

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Professor, researcher, analyst

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‘I don’t pay you to think’ usually means someone did not follow a directive.

Boss: Make sure A & B are done by Friday.
Employee: I thought we had two weeks?
Boss: I don’t pay you to think. Get it done by Friday.

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Oh! I forgot. Being a Father.

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