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Have you ever been arrested?

Asked by jca2 (15739points) June 8th, 2023

This is a personal question and one that of course, some may not want to answer so if you don’t like the question, please feel free to keep scrolling as you always should if you don’t want to answer.

I thought of this question as I was watching a morning show where they’re talking about an upcoming podcast by this person who is featured in this documentary, Inventing Anna (Netflix) who is trying to reinvent herself. She has a podcast now, from house arrest in her apartment, and the question asking whether listeners have ever been arrested was to start a discussion to blur the lines between good and bad. It might inspire some interesting stories, maybe some inspiring stories about doing better, maybe some amusing stories. That was the way the person discussing the podcast described it.

I’ve never been arrested. When I was younger, I did some crazy things but there were not cameras around, not videos around and the laws were more lax then, so some things I did when I was younger I would not recommend. For example, when I was 18–20, I would get pulled over, the police would know I had been drinking and they’d check my license which was clean, and tell me to have a good night. Now, this would be something they’d do a breathalyzer for and it might be something to be arrested for. The laws were not so strict then. That was in the early 1980’s.

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Not once. I did spend a night in a jail cell once. But I wasn’t under arrest. I was just passing through a small town on a indian reservation and the cop there put me up for the night Got fed too, if only peanut butter sandwiches and coffee. A note was left on the cell door to tell the deputy who came in the next morning to let me out. (The cell door had to be locked.) A wonderful memory and a wonderful cop! It was 1969, I was 15.

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I was arrested a few times in the 1980s before I got sober.

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No. Almost once for slapping an inappropriate man.

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Yes (when I was in junior high school 1966) for shoplifting a new wallet at Sears. Cops came. The security guard who caught me lied to the police saying that I was uncooperative. Police took me to the police station and booked me. Took my fingerprints, mug shot and put me into a cell. Sat there for a few hours until my Mom came to get me out.

I never even thought about stealing anything again.

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Yea, a relationship I rushed into turned sour and we couldn’t handle even being in the same room.

Argument ensues, I called her the B word and she said I verbally harrassed her and called the cops.

Cops actually descalate the situation and tell me to sit outside. But I sent her a text calling her a B word again out of spite, she showed the cops the text and they officially arrested me for verbal assault or something I don’t remember.

Went to the station for 2 hours then my command (military) picked me up and sent me to the barracks so we could get some space between us.

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No, and not even in the same place where other people were being arrested.

The most I could have been caught for back in my youth was possessing and smoking pot, when it was still illegal everywhere. In those days (1960s-1970s) it would not have been a light sentence. I just truly did not worry about it.

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t’was March 26, 1968.
We was busted for “being in the presence of weed”, man!

Back then in those days of the Harry Anslinger aftermath, we was facing up to a year in the slammer, man!

My late friend, Steve “Shyster” was acquitted because he was a ‘Nam-bound army draftee.

Me sainted mother asked my lawyer if I could be let off for the same reason (military obligation), since I was in the Navy cache program.
The mouthpiece agreed, and yadda yadda, I too was acquitted!

I think Big Ron an’ L’il Ron was also let off- Judge Rosensomething blew those narcs minds, man!

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No. But I’ve been detained by port authority in Newark.

My schizophrenia sister threatened to kill me as the pilot of our boarding flight walked by. Got kicked off the flight and detained for questioning.

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I’m sorry if I’m prying, but what circumstances put you in such an apparently dangerous situation? :-0

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Yeah, it sucked too because I did not really do anything “wrong.” Went camping with friends about a week after our high school graduation and a couple of them decided to get rip roaring drunk. I had one beer, one. They attracted the park police and it was of course an area where alcohol was not allowed, and we were all underage. Had to call my folks in the middle of the night…“Uh hi dad, I’m in jail” It was a good life lesson, learned real quick that I wanted nothing to do with that again. We ended up getting a diversion and had to wash police cars on a saturday afternoon as punishment. The cops were all nice and told us that they would have likely made us pour out all the beer and go to bed but the guy who had us arrested was a real jerk.

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I was busted in a stolen car with 4 others when I was 15 and I had to wait in the Beverly Hills Police Dept. holding cell for like 6 hours until my grandparents came to pick me up. This was actually the catalyst for me returning to my parents when I had been living with various friends for about a year.

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Nope. I got picked up once when I was 16 for underaged drinking but was never charged and never processed for an arrest. The parents were called.

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No, but I’ve been interrogated twice. They broke me. Then sent me on my way.

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Once years ago. Guy made an inappropriate remark about a bikini that a girl I was with was wearing so I slugged him and knocked him in the swimming pool . Arrested for assault but he dropped the charges.

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Yes, about 42 years ago my early 20s I was busted for driving while intoxicated. It was a college town of about 40,000, so a small police station. After processing, when it was time to go into the cell, I said, “Ohhhh no…I’ve heard about southern jails. Yankees go in and never come out.!” And with that I promptly tried to run out the door and escape. While one cop was calling out for them to close the garage door, another happened to be right outside the office door. He grabbed me around the waist and carried me right back in and to the cell. They all had a good chuckle. Dad came to get me in the morning; I lost my license for a year and had to take a driving course. The bit about the yankee…I was from New England and this was in TN. We’d moved there, and it’s no joke…they really are still fighting the war.

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