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What are some nanny state rules that you like and don't like?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24047points) June 9th, 2023

What rules would you like to change? Also what rules go over the limit for you?

Humor welcome:

Like banning single use plastics?
Or limiting beverages (energy drinks, cola, and alcohol)?

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I like:
Socialized medicine (q.v. modern Western countries other than the USA).
Socialized education (q.v. modern Western countries other than the USA).
Welfare programs.
Military protection from the likes of Russia and China.
Banning single use plastics
Almost anything that helps protect the environment.
Parks, trails, and bike paths.
Public education about smoking risks.

I don’t like:
Tax breaks and subsidies for mega-corporations.
Ridiculously profitable and wasteful (and often environmentally destructive) massive government contracts for mega-corporations.
Tax breaks for mega-millionaires.
“Safety” laws for the insurance industry (bike helmet and seatbelt tickets)
Other laws for the insurance industry.
The security “industry” and security theater in airports.
Government cameras, license plate readers, and speed trap devices.
Other forms of excessive surveillance on the population.
Excessive guardrails and fences anywhere someone notices someone could jump off a high place.
Toll roads & bridges.
Speed traps and excessive enforcement of not-actually-dangerous speeding or jaywalking.

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I don’t like many, especially those that curb personal freedoms, like helmet laws, excessive laws regarding smoking, or silly proposals like Bloombergs to limit soft drunk servings in restaurants.
Other countries are so much worse, though, i hesitate to even complain. :)

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ummm…what the hell is a nanny state? I can sort of deduce, but would like to hear it explained since I’ve never heard of it. Is it a Canadian thing?

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@smudges I heard on American cable talk news years ago. I don’t know exactly what It means, but I could guess.

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^^ LOL Too funny. Yeah, I have to guess, too.

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It’s like “welfare queens”, part of a deranged cynical picture painted for political purposes by Republicans.

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^^ Never heard that term either.

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