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Things to do in Redding?

Asked by bpeoples (2546points) September 23rd, 2008

So I’m going to be up in Redding on Friday, with maybe 2–3 hours to do something interesting. Any suggestions for a photographically minded person? Mount Shasta is only an hour away, but can you really do anything interesting in that short a time?

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apparently nothing…no one’s answered yet.

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Too bad you aren’t there on Thurs or Sat…sounds like a hoot! link

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Okay for real now…if you want to take pics, this looks like a beautiful place to be headed link

:) The Sundial Bridge :)


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You can drive for an hour and go to Shasta lake. There is also fishing, camping, and other outdoorsy camping stuff, but for teh most part, I couldn’t find a lot to do there.

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Shasta Caverns are a blast and a lovely boat ride, too.

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I’d recommend going to Mt. Shasta. Good idea to get there around sunset. It’s beautiful, especially for a photographically-minded person such as yourself.

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I’m actually leaning towards (har har) the Sundial bridge—I’m going to call the Gardens and see about KAPping there.

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Watchout for local people when they are drinking after that are dodgye

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Followup to this—had a lovely time walking around the Sundial Bridge, the winds were not favorable for KAP, but I got some good pictures of it. I then headed up to Shasta Dam—the local who sent me that way gave me a good tip—when you get to the 4-way stop sign, go straight. That’ll take you up to this view first——and then down to the Dam. The lake is only about 15 minutes north of town—Mt Shasta itself is about an hour north.

Also, if you’re in San Francisco, this area is a quick drive up 80—>505—>5, took me about 3 hours each way.

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Glad to hear you enjoyed yourself, and that you had a safe trip!

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Redding…not so fun. I prefer Lassen to Shasta this time of the year and it is about the same amount of driving. Volcanoes rule.

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@danzig—I actually went to Lassen last weeked on a separate trip—it rocked!

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