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What do you think about TMobiles G1?

Asked by willbrawn (6609points) September 23rd, 2008

The G1 is the first phone running googles OS Android. What are your thoughts? Thinking about purchasing one? Like your iPhone better?

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i was thinking about one, but it’s really not as smooth as i was hoping, i mean, it’s a nice first try, but it’s not up to the iphone from what i can see

really gives that 3DO feeling, totally different hardware and software makers…

and things like storing audio and video internally would be nice…

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I was puzzled by two things myself. No headphone jack. Like come on really guys? And I didnt hear anything about capacity? SDHC maybe? Dunno.

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Yea, I’d like to see more. First generation is always a little rough. I’ve been following Android for a while. The prototype instantly gave me a feeling of being let down but maybe it’s real easy to use or something. I’ll let a few generations pass before I look into getting one.

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The UI looks complete crap to me. Uninuitive and just plain ugly. It didn’t do multi-touch, which goes a long way for the iPhone. So basically, it comes off as a cheap knock-off of the iPhone for $20 cheaper. But we’re supposed to be all excited cause it has a compass and Street View! Hello? I’m standing in the street! Besides after Sekai Camera’s demo (, Street View looks pretty lame. Still I’m glad Android finally exists and hope it will help drive the market. The iPhone has nothing to fear so far though.

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I’m all over it like <insert some stereotype here>. I def see what everyone says about it being first gen and everything, but the idea that I can mod my phone down to its kernel! makes me ooze with glee! I can fix whatever bugs I find and re-submit them for review. I can write my own apps and port it to it within hours. I can do anything to it and see what’s being done behind the scenes without voiding my warrantee!

Multi-touch isn’t really that big of a deal to me and the fact that it has a full qwerty keyboard makes me like it even more. I bet within days of its final release (if it can’t already) I’ll be able to run kismet, airsnort, aircrack and metasploit. Then I’ll have all my fun, right in my pocket. look out haldron =) Stick a few emulators on there, battle for wesnoth and you’ve got me at hello.

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