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What would you do? I advertised on Craigs List that I have a queen box spring to give away...

Asked by DandyDear711 (1512points) September 23rd, 2008

It is a split one – easier to move than the standard kind. I got a response after a while and agree that the person could see it Thursday night… every person after that has been put on a list and notified of their place on the list. The 5th person who contacted me works for a group who helps poor kids and their families. She is begging me to bypass the 4 in front of her and give it to her. Would you give it to her or keep to your original plan?

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I would probably give it to her.

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Your mistake was notifying everyone of their place on the list… Then you’d have no moral obligation to give it away following any kind of system. It is currently yours, though, so you can do with it what you want.

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I would probably give it to her. However, being slightly cynical, I would verify the group and that she doesn’t really want it for herself.

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I would verify first if her story is above board. She could be trying to scam you, as SM mentioned above. I would find out what group she works for and contact them personally. I wouldn’t use a number she gave you either, only one that is publicly listed. Make sure you aren’t alone when showing the mattress for your own safety.

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I’m feeling conservative today. Give it to the first person on the list; it’s only fair.

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Since you put them on a list and told them where on the list they are, I would follow your list. In any case, before you decided to give it to number 5 you should find out if they are for real.

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I would keep my word. Give it to the person you said you were giving it to. I also agree with the people who are saying check the story of the lady.

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I think she is real cuz I recognized her organization from her email address and then checked out the organization.

Wouldn’t I be making a judgement that the other’s aren’t as needy?

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Absolutely you would be making that judgment. Do what you want. Anytime you give anything away for free, you’ll have 100 different bottom feeders trying to get more then you’re giving. It’s terrible but true.

I would keep your word and give it the the first person on the list. If that guy doesn’t want it, then give it to the needy kid lady.

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I would still call and check it out. I have actually volunteered in places where the workers actually take the things meant for the disadvantaged before they open the doors. I brought in some toys that I had purchased and the lady had no idea that I was the one that brought them in. She stated her grandchildren would like them and started to pocket them. I told her where I had purchased them and told her she could buy them there.

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I think I’d still stick to the list, because you gave out the order of the list. I know you well enough to know you were doing that to be fair to all parties involved. I’d still have to stick to the list, though.

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I would contact all the people on the list and tell them that they have until X time to check it out and pick it up or you’re giving it to the kids. They may even waive their place in line for the kids and they may not even show up anyway.

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I agree with seesul, and cak. I would check this person out completely in case the others don’t show, but I’d still stick to the list. I don’t like to go back on my word. But if you really want to give it to this woman, ask the others on the list first. that way you can have a clear conscience.

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I would ask the first person on the list if they would mind switching positions with her.
I would feel obligated to keep my word, regardless of the situation. I have weird hang-ups.

Though you could argue that if I am so rigid about the list,
shouldn’t I give the bed to the second person then?

My reasoning is this, if you give it to the first person
and they want to give it to the woman,
they could easily get it from you and give it to her.
You’re just saving them the hassle of the middle step.

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@Nimis I like how you think!

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Sca: Got to find creative ways to get around the rigid rules I set for myself. ;)

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My husband just wants me to give it to the person who shows up first, screw the list… If he was running the show, he would bend over backwards to be fair! Funny guy…

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I have 9 people interested in it now! Who knew a box spring would get so much attention?!!

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I’d say that you have to allow the #1 person on the list a shot… then you can give the charity lady a shot. if #1 takes it, she doesn’t get a shot… BUT, if #1 doesn’t take it, no one will ever know that they got slighted on the list order (since they’ll presume someone higher on the list snatched it up). I know it’s not totally ethical, but I like to live on the edge – and would rather give it away to a known charitable entity than an unknown person (who may just be wanting to turn around and try to sell it or donate it for a tax write-off)... Speaking of, I bet you can write it off as a donation for your taxes if you give it to the charity lady… not a bad deal.

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Next time, charge at least a pittance for it. That often weeds out a lot of the bottom feeders but still gets it out the door affordably to someone who really wants it.

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You may find you have a lot of people “in line” who don’t show.

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Coming into the question this late, I’m agreeing with several people. 1. Stick to the list. 2. Charge something next time. 3. You really don’t know if the others on your waiting list are needy or not needy. Their story could be anything in the world but could be just as needy. 4. And yes, you probably will have many that don’t show. Bottom line – everyone has a story. Sometimes you get the good deal, sometimes you don’t. It’s just how it is and if this lady doesn’t get the deal this time, maybe next time she will. Or maybe she already did last time.

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