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Have any of you seen the film 18 in '08?

Asked by Sloane2024 (1879points) September 23rd, 2008

And it you have, what did you think of it? Did you think it did an effective job in manifesting the importance of voting? And for those of you who haven’t seen it, it is a documentary made by David Burstein persuading young people to participate in the poles. IMO, it’s an excellent film and does a spectacular job of opening one’s eyes to the vitality of casting one’s vote. I’m not yet 18, therefore, I can’t cast my ballot in the upcoming elections, but highly encourage any of you who are to please, please take a few minutes to watch it.

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Note to Fluther: a pole is a slender, cylindrical object. A poll is a count of opinions or votes.

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The joke here would have something to do with 18 year old pole dancers… But I’m really tired.

Any way to view this film online?

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Yeah. The link in my description leads to the website and I’m pretty sure it’s on there. If not, it’s on youtube. @lefteh, I’m sorry. I should be kicked for that.

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