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What should I get my dad for his B-Day?

Asked by simone54 (7608points) September 23rd, 2008

He likes fishing and hunting. Likez to read. Work on cars, fixes things around the house. I dunno what get him.

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I find that a subscription to a magazine tells them 12 times a year – Happy Birthday!

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magazine subscription is good. hit ‘em up with a mag(s) that informs about all you just mentioned. get a home depot or menards or lowes gift card and let him buy what he wants. hook him up with a hunting trip. it’s expensive, but he’ll love it!

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I second the gift card! Nothing says I love you like the power of choice.

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NEVER get him a tie! Even if he wears one, they’re so cliche.

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Until all of my brothers and sisters jumped on the band wagon, I could not go wrong getting my father a casual button down the front shirt. Once everyone began stealing my idea, his closet got full to bursting and he put the kibosh on the shirts.

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Gift certificates to his favorite brothel, would be nice…

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get him 2 ties. ask him to try one on, and he’ll be confused as to which one to try on. dont help him decide. when he chooses one and its all done up, say “you didnt like the other one?”

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That is MEAN! LOL

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How old will he be?

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I dunno 60 sumtin

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Ok, just curious. Will let you know if I think of something good

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get him 7….no 37 ties! All black though. Yeah go black! MUWAHAHA

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