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Is Jack Johnson Married?

Asked by MrHandsome (5points) September 23rd, 2008

And has he ever been divoriced?

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He’s mine. Back off.

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And Jack Johnson is…

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He has a wife named Kim whom he met in college.

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Before responding to your question I went to Google
Jack Johnsons’ name pulled up 42+.coms
I just stopped counting after page 4.
I’m sure If you’re seriously want this question answered-
Ask Google or Jeeves
You’ll get a plethora of history on Jack Johnsons.
I’m talking the kind of stuff that’s really juicy/informative
Good luck girl

p.s. I saw some sexy wall paper too _:)

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the best source by far is wikipedia

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True…I’m sure wikipedia will help.

p.s.I made a typo
on my previous answer….oops
(The important thing is” I “caught it.!)

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