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Appropriate to say "That's what she said" in an office?

Asked by windex (2932points) September 23rd, 2008

Do you do it where you work?

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i say it all the time, but i dont work. sometimes, i hold it back if im with a person of authority or family. its hard (thats what she said :D)you could probably get away with it at work if the customer doesnt hear.

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I hear it at school all the time, but I think any of the humor has worn off by people saying it in response to just dumb things. used to be funny every once in a while, but now it just seems pretty annoying and banal. but I dunno, maybe that’s just the dumb kids at my school ruining it for me.

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We say it at lunch when it seems like it would be funny. (Age group from 32 to 44 if you’re looking for demographics!) Generalspecific is right in that it can get old if it is said too often. And it’s not appropriate for things like meetings or “official” business.

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Still being in high school, I hear it way too much!

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When does something become tedious and stop being funny? It is an interesting philosophical question. Should I pose this as a separate question.

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@gail: yes

p.s. WOW you hit 10,000

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And only having repeated my extremely funny comments three times. Thanks.

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I definitely drove this one into the ground back in the mid 80s, and I (and others) always said it at work! We cracked ourselves up often before it got old, and we moved on to the next phrase au courant.

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that’s what she said! I have a shirt that has Steve carrell from the office saying that. People have said it so muchits not really funny anymore and people don’t know the true meaning and on that note what is it’s real meaning??

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I don’t say it at work. It only takes one person to take offense to it for it to ruin your day.

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It’s not only appropriate, but mandatory if someone’s asking for it. I mean, can you really let that “oh yeah, that’s really hard” comment simply go by?

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Some fans of The Office where I work say it with me as an in-joke. In that context we laugh, otherwise, boring.

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“That’s what she said” is one of the silly things my partner and I say to each other, but about a year ago we changed it to “That’s what your Grandpapi said last night!” We try to come up with other silly additions such as “That’s what Jesus or your Grandmama said last night.” As far as saying it at work, it really depends on who you say it to and in what situation it is said. I wouldn’t say it to anyone until I got to know them and we were familiar with each other’s sense of humor.

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