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Are you "secretely" jealous that gail hit 10,000?

Asked by windex (2932points) September 23rd, 2008

One of my secret life goals is to have the most Lurve eveeeeeeeeeerrrrrrr.

How do YOU feel? muahahah

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I’m sooo green with envy I have just got to punch something, or somebody! Rrrrrrroar!!!!!!

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Envious, maybe…
@AC: See if you can find JP’s dick for that!

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It is right here.

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Secret schmecret.

See my ranting on:

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gail is a rockstar.

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Nah, I’m super happy I recently hit 2K! That was my personal goal. Now on to 3K, baby!

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No, I am not giving off any liquid from my body at the thought of gailcalled reaching the 10K club.

Remember, children, the lurve you take is equal to the lurve you make!

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“the lurve you take is equal to the lurve you make!”

**cough cough** says Marina 10414

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@Bri_L Rats, that did come across as egotistical, didn’t it? I’m sorry, that was not my intent. I was reacting to the display of naked lurve envy. Maybe I do need an alias.

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I was just teasing you. Now everyone will hate me. I was just joking. I promise. I have lurved you since the start. I was one of your first fluther friends. You couldn’t be egotistical if you tried.

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she’s Fluther’s rockstar along with marina.

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Nah. With every bit of lurve I receive, my personal score means less and less to me.
It does, however, remain a nice incentive for good answers and provides for a quick check of reputation.

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No. I’m openly jealous

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(Well, this has been successful so far——>secretly)

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I thought you were going to bed

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tuche (with an accent over the e)

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I’ve read several comments on gail hitting the 10K marker
I ask myself “How much of ones life is spent on this site?
21 months total membership life span.
Minus the (i’m sure occasional) day or two a week not signed in.
Divided by 24 hours in a day
Minus time spent for sleeping and bathing (lord, i hope she eats)
Total comes to…(Sound effects:beep-beep,beep-beep, beep-beep)
99.9% of gails life has been spent on Fluther over the past 21 months!

all information is subject to update without notice. Quotes, dates, timespan(s) may vary outside the greater 48 states. There has been no documented proof of side affects due to long term use of Fluther. There is no guarentee that this information is accurate. Prices may vary.

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@ maybe kb – I laughed out loud at that disclaimer!!!

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This is ridiculous.

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I secrete as we speak. Or perhaps not. Gail deserves much more…

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I’m new.

Not jealous.

Fluther says I’m their favorite ;)

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@SpatzieLover Fluther said that to me too. One of us is being lied to.

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This stinks.

Fluther told me “SpatzieLover and Celeste00 are my favorites”

What the heck is that about?

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That two-timing bastard! I go to Yahoo! Answers sometimes

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@lefteh….you must be on a different Fluther board than me!

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Nah, I’m motivated. :)

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I forgot….CONGRATS gailcalled…you and your feisty self. :)

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I think there’s an unhealthy fixation on lurve around here

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@syz…I do believe you are right!

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You mean like oozing envy?
[slaps knee] Nyuk. Nyuk.
Sorry. Couldn’t help myself.


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@Comedian; since this question purports to be about ME, in spite of the irritating distractions, forgive me—-> touché. Tuchis is Yiddish for butt. Tucci is an actor.

@maybe- I think and type at the speed of light.

@Syz and Sparg; I agree. Time to move on to more interesting topics.

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