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What is the best self tanner for very pale and fairskin that won't turn me orange?

Asked by jdogg (871points) September 23rd, 2008 from iPhone

I have red hair with really pale skin. I’ve tried jergans express natural glow for medium skin tones and I turned orange. Any suggestions?

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A man of color
(once you go black-you never go…well, you know the saying_:)

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yah I wish I had any color at all besides pale white..

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can someone please explain this whole tanning thing to me. I mean really whats the point? Why do you want to look tanned so badly? And truth is half the time you do end up looking like a fucking carrot. (i am white as a ghost and proud of it, screw tanning ^_^)

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If you are a female, protect your beautiful and delicate skin; wear hats and sunblock always, use lace parasols and you will be gorgeous 50 years from now rather than a wrinkled prune.

It sounds like a wonderful color combination. Flaunt it.

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Most people want to be “average” certain people like me are pale and want to for lack of better words fit in. And I do like myself for who I am but I think it’s not any worse then when girls were makeup.

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@gail thanks in a way gail but I am a guy and pale skin is not for me..

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Unfortunately, you are genetically stuck with it. Until someone comes up with a skin transplant, that is. As you age, you are still at high risk for freckles that will turn into nasty thingsas well as as skin cancer. My family all has fair skin and we are paying for having fried ourselves as teen-agers. Many trips to the dermatologists for my sis and me.

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adding to what gail said: when older people (which we all will be older one day, sooner or later) have sun damage to their skin, sometimes it looks like age spots, which is not too attractive. stay white, whitey!

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but doesn’t self tanners only increase the DHA in your skin which is one of they’ve ways skin becomes more resistant to skin cancer and is one of the only alternatives to using tanning beds or sunbathing

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Google one of the medical sites; medline or mayoclinic or CDC.

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thank you everyone for chatting with me an giving me some insight!

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If you are in America, just throw on an irish accent…we all love an irish lad! PS: I am your female equivalent, and have learned to love it.

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nice but I don’t want to be mistaken for Ron Weasley from Harry Potter but I guess I could have an English one.

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Try misting yourself with tea! Brew a strong black tea, let it cool, and pour into a plastic spray bottle. Make sure your skin is clean and dry. Then spray the tea directly onto your skin and let it air-dry. Also, it works great to even out your skin tone after shaving off a beard! woo.

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“Love the skin you’re in.”

Speaking as a pale ass white girl with cherry red hair…I know I wouldn’t wanna mix this hair with that tone. Red hair and pale skin is gorgeous darling, and I’ve never found anything that would tan someone with our features that looks remotely natural—not the color of the product or the overall look.

And speaking as a girl, I have a thing for redheaded pale boys. It’s serious.

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All artificial tanners work in the same way and will turn you orange.

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@jdogg; Ron Weasley is adorable.

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We joke that my daughter is so pale she glows. Every year she spends hours picking out the perfect bikini. The problem is when she goes to the beach, even with the highest sunblock, she fries. She has learned that she must be the girl loaded down with sunblock, sunglasses and a cover up. Her eyelids have become so severely burned from a couple of hours at the beach in Florida that she ended up in the hospital. The only people who actually see her in her bikini is her family while she is in the condo. On the beach she has to be covered up.

When you are that pale, you have no choice but to accept it. Artificial tanners never look right.

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Just stay pale and gorgeous.

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