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Music Mood Generator?

Asked by Unit134679 (96points) September 23rd, 2008

Is there a program (Mac only, I don’t use Windows) or website that can help you decide good music to listen to according to personal criteria (such as mood)?

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Genius is a new feature in iTunes and it chooses songs that go well together based on the song you pick. Pandora is pretty much the same concept except it’s on the web at Nothing mood related that I know of.

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Yes and no. Those are great for helping me find new music to my mood, thanks. I’m looking for something that searches through my music database.

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oh sorry, guess I misunderstood. but that would be a very cool program, haha.

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i’m looking for the same thing, and i’m a mac user too :)
i think there’s this app on the new sony erricson phones where you choose your mood and it makes a playlist depending on it

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Let me know what they are called bro. I’m so for that

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