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When you first wake up does this happen to you?

Asked by jdogg (871points) September 23rd, 2008 from iPhone

when I wake up I get very disoriented and random thoughts rush through my mind and sometimes think of songs when I wake up. It’s hard to think straight too I think of the dumbest things when I get up. Any suggestions or experiences??

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I spring fully awake. I think it is an anxiety reaction. My husband finds it very annoying as he emerges from the arms of Morpheus slowly and confused, as you describe.

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oh sometimes when something wakes me up I jump so hard it like someone used a defribulator on me.

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I get the whole ‘music playing in my head’ thing too.
It’s a bit annoying when you (meaning I) continue to replay
the exact same verse for half the day.
Hope you get some realistic exercises that’ll help.
However, you’re not alone.

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this happens to me all the time

of course it may not count since i pretty much spend my whole day like this, too

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Ugh, it takes me a while to kick into gear after I wake up. I tend to say stupid things also. Sometimes what I say makes no sense at all. It’s just random statements. I’ll try to take part in conversations my friends and family are having, but I just make weird comments and it doesn’t link together at all.

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thank God like that Disturbia song by rihanna and a milli by lil wayne I don’t like either of those songs and all I hear for an hour is ” a milli, a milli, a milli, a milli, a millimilli”

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I have heard the best bit of advice about saying stupid things upon awakening. Before you say a word, have your coffee or orange juice of whatever FIRST, to give your brain time to realize engaging your mouth so early might not be the wisest thing to do. It is better to be judged a fool for not speaking up than to be proven a fool for doing so.

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I still half asleep so no

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yah my mom could be talking about work and I say something like this “you know they should have a day were I go to work and you go to school..woulnt that be awsome…”

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HAHAHA! jdogg, your ‘a milli’ comment made me laugh so hard.
And my comment about the work/school thing would sound something more like “They should have a day where I don’t go to school..” and my friends would look at me and say some smart ass comment back like “You mean Saturday and Sunday?” to make me feel extra special. I love my friends. =)

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good, I’m glad someone laughed

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A lot of the time, I experience word salad for a minute or so when I first wake up. I need five or ten minutes to lie still and fully wake up before I’m comfortable opening my mouth to say anything.

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My husband says he wakes up with a song in his head every single day. I, on the other hand, often have that experience while trying to fall asleep. It’s very annoying, on either end of the day!

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@MacBean: That wiki example cracked me right up. When I am awoken before I’m ready, I often actually say those types of things. My children tease me about it.

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@augustian—I also babble word salad in my sleep. I used to set up a voice-activated sound recorder near myself at night, so I could catch some of the stuff and try to make sense of it. I never could, though. It was really just random crap. Except for once, I said, “You put the wrong end in your mouth, didn’t you?” and that was followed by about twenty seconds of really hard laughter. I’ve always wished I could remember what the hell I was dreaming about!

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When I first wake up, I spring out of bed, shower, get dressed
and wolf my breakfast down while I’m running out the door.

Not because I am a natural morning person.
But because I usually oversleep and am late to something.

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@MacBean: I, too, talk/babble and laugh in my sleep! I laugh much more often than I cry or scream, so that’s good, right?

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I normally take a few minutes to get outta of bed, but I have to play like I’m still asleep…
Two of my five dogs and young and have to pee immediately. If I fake sleep, they lay down and sleep a few more minutes…otherwise it’s a race to the back door. So, I’m normally wide awake.

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I wake up with a song in my almost every morning. Often it’s a song that I don’t like or don’t know well (and then I just have that one annoying line or phrase over and over).

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omg…i just reread my answer… I apologize to the fluther gods for the ‘outta of’ mistake.

Please don’t hurt me.

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This depends if you remember your dreams or not. And this happens to me all the time as well. If I don’t remember the dream I was having, I get all these random thoughts going through my head. Personally, seems healthy to me. At least you can think when you first wake up. Most people are like “Wtf”

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OK, you know whats weird about me? I NEVER REMEMBER MY DREAMS. So when I wake up I start thinking if cockroaches sing, or if ladybugs like marshmellows, or if or if my wall has feelings, or any random thought. My day just got random. . .

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thats exactly what happens to me….its so weird!

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update: It’s still happening of course but I find that it’s triggered by things that I see, or hear, or occur before and during im asleep. For instance if I accidently fall asleep to a song its all I can think of in the morning. Also like the other day the tv was on and madagascar was on and i was having a dream that I lost my friend alex and I woke up and they were looking or alex the lion…just things like that…I also tend to get this pressure headache on my forhead too like someone parked a car on my forehead.

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