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Does this happen to you?

Asked by Mtl_zack (6759points) September 23rd, 2008

your alarm goes off. you sleep right through it without pressing the snooze button. you dream that you’re getting dressed, eating breakfast, driving to school/work, are in school. it all seems very real. suddenly, your dog wakes you up and you realize that the perfect morning didnt actually happen, but now you have to deal with a less-than-perfect morning, which really sucks.

how annoying is this? does it ruin your day completely?

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Thats never happened to me but how about this 1…you wake up from a real deep sleep and its real dark look at your alarm clock and it says 6:30. Ohhh s*@t!! You jump up and start scrambling around the house to get ready for work only to realize that its 6:30 at night!! Thats a weird feeling

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I just shut off the alarm and go to sleep. my mom is my real alarm

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In high school I used to miss my bus at least twice a week because I would sleep through my alarm and dream that I was up and getting ready for school.

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That happens to me too zach!
Mine’s a little different though. I turn my alarm off in my sleep, dream that I get up, and begin to get ready. I go to the bathroom, brush my teeth, I might get in the shower, and then I wake up for real, realize I didn’t do that stuff, fall asleep, and then do it again! I’ve gotten ready in my sleep 3 or 4 times in one morning!

I’ve slept through my alarm a few times, but I have to be in a real bad way to do that.

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I once missed picking up my daughter (who was a kindergartener at the time) from the bus stop for a similar reason. I wasn’t feeling well, and dozed off on the couch. I had a “dream” that someone was pounding on my door, but when I opened it no one was there. Then, in my “dream”, the phone was ringing, and I heard a woman leave a message saying the bus was outside, and I needed to pick up my daughter. The phone rang again, telling me they were taking her back to school. At this point, still in the dream, I jumped up and ran to the front door only to see my husband walking up the driveway with my daughter. I was so relieved! I “saw” that she was ok, so went “back” to sleep. Sometime later, I really woke up, only to realize that all that banging and ringing was real, and had to rush over to the school to pick up my little girl.

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Up until a few years ago, I’d still have dreams (after not turning off alarm)
that I was dressed and ready and opening my locker in High School (I’m now a thirty-something). I’d be running to my first class.

I’d wake up to reality. Time to rush to get my late behind to work!

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One time, my brother had laid down for a long nap during the day. By time his alarm went off to wake up him, it was well dark enough outside to be mistaken for an early morning. When he came to, I acted like I was in a hurry to get to school (this was quite some time ago like 2002). He is like instantly in a panic to get ready for school because I keep telling him we’re going to be late and miss the school bus….it was hilarious. Especially after he realized it wasn’t time to go to school.

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That happens to me often, also that my kitty decides she chooses when I wake up, not the alarm clock. She’s good at it too.

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I am such a sound sleeper, that I have to have TWO alarms go off, to wake me up. One goes off at the normal time, and a second one goes off, 5 minutes after the first, and both alarms are far enough away from the bed, that I have to get out of the bed, to silence them.

One day, I woke up late and missed my school bus, so I had to drive my bike to school, and I didn’t like doing that, at all.

I vowed that the very next day, I would do better about getting up and getting ready and getting off to school on time.

The very next morning, I got up early, I got cleaned up and wide awake, then went downstairs and prepared my own breakfast.

As I was getting ready to walk out the door to go stand outside at the school bus stop, my mother walked into the dining room and said, “What do you think you are doing?”

I replied, “Going to the bus stop, to wait for the school bus. Why?”

“Today is Saturday.”

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Yep, sometimes I pick up my phone on saturday aftternoon after a nap and I still answer as if I was actually in my office, one day…
I woke up, like a normal weekday, took a shower, got dressed, had breakfast, read the newspaper, got all my stuff and drove all the way to my office… I was so happy there was no traffic :)
Then, at the main gate the guard comes to me
Good morning Mr. x, I’m sorry but you can’t get in
Today is saturday
I couldn’t stop laughing

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@ laChica;
I would be scared to dream about going to the bathroom! I would probably pee the bed!

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@ Judi, that reminds me of two dreams I had in the same week. Both times I’d dreamt of having a bloody nose (never had one b4 in my life). Both times I woke up to blood on my pillow case & sheets and dried blood in my nose.

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Lol, we don’t always get to choose what we dream about, Judi.

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Yea but I dream the whole day :(

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