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Is anyone else concerned about the fact that of all things in life, the word iPhone is the largest in Fluther's cloud?

Asked by Celeste00 (786points) September 23rd, 2008

Seriously. I have one, but I mean, come on.

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Are we supposed to be concerned?

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I also wonder if you could vote for iPhone, how the elections would go, but I guess that’s a separate question..

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@johnpowell Sorry to hear that, but a little while ago you were posting about some other user’s Lurve score. Was that more worthy of your attention? I got my own personal issues too, some similar to yours, but you don’t see me dumping them on anyone who posts a question I’m not interested in.

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I actually answered the question. You didn’t.

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If you’re referring to the other user’s question, yeah, I don’t answer rethorical questions seeing how the definition of it is: “a figure of speech in the form of a question posed for its persuasive effect without the expectation of a reply.”

Unless sarapnsc really wanted me to tell her how she’s supposed to feel. In which case, I’m still not answering.

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Okay, well let me answer it…Noooooooo, I am not concerned, there is no reason for me to be. I don’t even know what an iphone is. Note to self: find out what an iphone is.

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It’s not a regular topic of discussion.
Mostly it’s because a lot of nubies drop in
and ask how to jailbreak their iPhones.
(People are effing lazy is all.)

Welcome to Fluther.
(Sorry you’re having such a rough time with some users.)

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@Nimis, thanks for clarifying, and no worries, it’s typical forum stuff. Once you’ve been in a few, you pretty much figure out that people who’ve been in it longer pick up “forum attitudes”. That Lurve number sure weighs on people too…

@cheebdragon smart enough to properly spell “you’re”?

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@Nimis, I thank you, too.

I just came from another site I used to frequent (but left due to poor mgmt). Saw these answers & thought i might wanna re-think.

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@SpatzieLover Awww, don’t re-think it, as soon as your Lurve number hits the four digits you get to be randomly rude to other people too! Something to look forward to… ;)

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Calm down, everyone. It seems some are having a bad day…but seriously, it’s not usually like this. Stay a while, and see what you think.

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Holy crap everyone, chill. It’s a legitimate question, fair enough an unimportant one to some, but only a question, skip over it and move on if you don’t like it. I’m sure nobody means offense to you Celeste, lost Augustlan says, bad day, shortage of coffee or something.

Now to the question, it doesn’t bother me at all, and the reason for it is simple, and has been explained before, jailbreaking. People are afraid of it, people don’t know exactly what they’re doing, and are looking for someone to hold their hands. Having said that, there is a multitude of things that can be done with the iPhone, and we have to be fair, these have also been discussed on here.

Oh, by the way, Spatzie, you leave, and I’ll come over there and break your legs, sit down, and type, and let’s here no more about leaving the family. (See, now I’m at it, Bad Mood Wednesday).

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Celeste00— You should double check your own answers for error…..before trying to correct someone.

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omg…why all the hostility? Don’t answer a question, if you don’t like it.
I came from another site too. I left due to poor management as well, don’t remember ppl being a bitchy on it tho.
Who gives a flying fuck if you don’t like someone’s question? skip the question!

Also, I’m amazed at those ppl who ignore the question, but feel compelled to correct typos or grammer mistakes. I guess some ppl just need to feel superior.

In answer to your question, I find it amazing that so many ppl have iphones (i’ve got one too, back from when they first came out), yet no one can pay their mortgages according to the media.
And, welcome Celeste00!!!!!

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I don’t feel I was hostile, I answered the question, and I didn’t get any lurve for it either. sniff, sniff
I guess I didn’t answer the question to the others liking. sniff

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@ sarapnsc; didn’t mean you, hun.

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[Fluther Moderator]: Flame-off everyone. Thanks.

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@sndfreQ Aw, but it gets me more awake in the morning. Gets my blood boiling!!!!

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The ironic thing is that you can’t even see the ckouds on the iPhone.

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What’s an iPhone?

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It’s what happens when one’s hand is half-asleep and accidentally holds down i and then Shift while typing phone. For some reason, apparently it’s an extremely common mistake.

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it takes me ages to text on my iphone. and i still spell things wrong.

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So its time to change to G phone anyone ?

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