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How would you improve the United States government?

Asked by JLeslie (65199points) 2 months ago from iPhone

I went to a presentation yesterday about suggestions to improve the US government. Some of the suggestions were:

- To have a direct election by the people for Speaker of the House. He didn’t mention how long the Speaker’s term might be.

- Reduce presidential power, he cited executive orders. He also said he feels the main job of the Executive branch is to execute the laws l, meaning to see that they are followed.

- 6 year term for president and no re-election.

- Term limits on supreme court justices or some sort of rule that each president replace two justices.

- No pension type benefits for congressmen; they only get paid while in office.

- Get rid of the electoral college. He even entertained minor changes to make it more fair, like states not giving all electoral votes to one candidate based on the majority, but a more representative amount of votes.

He started with the basic premise that the US is a country of 50 states not 50 states that form the US. He said if you don’t agree with that you probably won’t agree with many of his suggestions.

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- Remove all politicians with primarily european ancestry from office, and replace them with native americans.
– Create an apartheid state, where only people with native american ancestry have the right to vote or rights in general.
– Enslave white people, or deport them into reservations that will exist exclusively in the barren wastelands.
– Make Texas Mexico again.

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I think the gentleman has some good points. What would I do?

- Establish the rules for what is and isn’t allowed by each branch of the Federal government. EOs are a perfect example. No EOs that avoid enforcing the law, no EOs that set forth new laws or alter existing laws (DACA for example), etc.
– Set term limits for all elected officials. I’d suggest 3 terms as a Representative, 2 as a Senator and 2 as POTUS. After that they all get 2 years of full pay and benefits and then nothing else.
– Limit the numbers of aides any elected official can have. Personally I’d put it at 3, but that could be a discussion.
– Set a congressional ethics committee to oversee the SCOTUS. There have been a number of issues concerning ethics in the SCOTUS in the last dozen years that have caused tension. The SCOTUS has always been left to police itself.
– Do away with bureaucratic rule. Any rules or regulations that carry penalties for them have to be approved by congress before they can be enacted.
– No new bill can be any longer than 10 pages. Multiple actions within a given bill have to be related to that bill. Example: Having a bill concerning foreign interference in this country presented with an add-on for funding abortion clinics would be a non-starter.
– I hesitate to say term limits for SCOTUS, but I’d definitely say annual cognitive tests should be put into place. I hesitate for term limits because that would mean we would always see a certain number of justice replaced at the same frequency. Example: Trump appointed 3 justices. That means those three would likely be open spots all about the same time and appointed by another POTUS. Politicians would start anticipating these changes and more in-fighting would occur.
– Groups like the IRS would never be allowed to be armed. If they need people with guns, they can use the US Marshall’s service.
– Do away with the NDAA and get rid of the FISA courts. Get rid of the NSA’s PRISM Program.
– Any government employee caught supporting corruption or weaponization within the government should be immediately ejected from their position in the government and should face charges that carry at least a 10 year minimum sentence.
– The federal government should not be allowed to use deficit spending unless there is some national emergency or if Congress approves it on a case by case basis. And any deficit spending should only be for that emergency and a set value should be given.
– No person running for office should be allowed to spend more than the salary they can expect to receive for the office to which they are running. Spending $2B to get a job that will pay only $1.6M means there corruption likely.
– Any donations a candidate gets in excess of the allotted amount goes directly to pay down the national debt.
– All PACS and Super PACS should be outlawed. Political donations have to come from individuals only. And limits per person need to be enforced.

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My basic premise is that the US is a country of 150 tribes. All non-native tribes should be sent back to wherever they came from and they should take their roads and their cities and their weapons of mass destruction with them. The United States government would be greatly improved by not having one and the environment would be greatly improved by being left alone.

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Just throwing it out there. I would consider being given the choice to were ones tax dollars are spent every tax season. Just fill out the checklist at tax time.

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Overturn Citizens United and enact real campaign finance reform.
Create term limits, including for the Supreme Court.
Do away with the Electoral College.
Simplify the tax code to no more than 10 pages.
Require that the defense budget be reduced by 1%/year until it is on par with other nations.
Limit the ratio of executive:worker pay.

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First-past-the-post voting systems are no longer allowed unless there are only two candidates. Something like Ranked Choice voting should always be used.

Limit political donations to like $10 per citizen, $0 from organizations, including political parties.

Hold a nationwide referendum vote on whether or not all the current political parties should be abolished or not, and whether political parties should even be allowed at all.

Congressmen, senators, and executive officers may not invest in stock markets. Give emoluments clauses teeth.

Ethics rules for all elected and appointed public officials and judges.

Intelligence, sanity, and relevant knowledge requirements to hold public office.

Lower the bar a lot on how much criminal activity is allowed for people to hold public office.

Allow the public to hold referendum votes to expel people from public offices. Anyone with less that a 50% approval vote will be ejected from office.

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Rank choice voting.

Corporations are not people.

Campaigns would be financed exclusively by the public and only through the following mechanism: Each citizen is allocated a budget of $100 for campaign finance. They’re allowed to distribute that money to any candidates (Federal, State, Local) they want in any proportion they want (e.g. $1 to 100 candidates or $80 to 1 and $10 to 2 others etc.). If the citizen doesn’t allocate any money, then nobody gets it and it’s gone. PACs/SuperpPACs etc. would be banned.

Emoluments would have teeth and the revolving door for candidates and their families would be shut. Any investments a candidate has would be limited to a broad market fund and would be managed by a non-partisan fund manager for the government. Every politician would have the same portfolio, essentially.

Churches/Synagogues/Mosques/etc. advocating for political candidates will have their non-profit status revoked.

The national guard would be replaced by state militias controlled by the respective governor. The state militia would have armories where members of the militia would have to keep their arms under lock-and-key. They could access their weapons for training or when deployed in times of war. All semiautomatic weapons and handguns would be restricted to these armories. People could possess shotguns and bolt-action rifles for self-defense and hunting outside of the armories.,

Districting would be implemented via a simple, public algorithm that can’t be gerrymandered because it would be applied universally.

Education would be financed equally and not via property taxes.

A 1% wealth tax would be implemented on all wealth above $50M, and additional 1% tax on all wealth above $1B would be levied. An inheritance tax on all wealth above $20M would be levied at 50% of the estate’s value. Tax dodgers would be banned from entering/doing business in the US.

Corporations that want to sell controlling interest to another party must first offer the company to its employees to purchase for book value, and there would be a federal loans program to help employees finance such purchases—if they so-choose.

Stock buybacks would be illegal.

If any employee is receiving government assistance for food/housing/etc. then the cost of said services shall be reimbursed to the government/taxpayers before any dividends can be issued to shareholders (this would be anonymous to prevent strategic firings) or bonuses given to executives, If this amount is not paid, it will carry over until the next quarter until it’s been satisfied.

No dividend shall be issued by any company with military contracts during a time of war (or the equivalent of a “Special Military Operation.”)

Healthcare would be a right. Medicare for all.

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