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How do I get dog urine odor out of my carpet?

Asked by martin (7points) August 8th, 2007

My dog likes to sneak upstairs(past the baby gate if left open),and pee(mark) on a spot in my son's room.

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baking soda (not powder) mixed with water use a toothbrush to rub it out

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I have also had good luck with Nature's Miracle. I usually apply the stuff as per the directions on the bottle and then do a sniff test. If I can still smell urine, I apply again. Urine often soaks down into the carpet padding. You'll have to apply enough Nature's Miracle to get down into the padding as well.

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I've been using Oxyclean. Saw the product advertise enough on infomercials, finally gave it a shot when I saw it at Target. Works extremely well on odor and stain removal on my carpet...along with just about any other form of dirt.

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step 1: remove carpet from floor.
step 2: discard carpet
step 3: refinish hardwoods
step 4: build dog house :-)

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Nature's Miracle...I also recommend that too.

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what household products can i use to eliminate cat urine that has been in carpet for a while?

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Use the same stuff u use for removeing skunk Oder
I think….

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This method is a little long-winded but thorough and doesn’t require you to purchase anything other than a few items available from most supermarkets:

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