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Will you let your girl friend go out dating with other guys ?

Asked by PredatorGanazX (222points) September 24th, 2008

Kinda of open relation where each of you can date anyone as you please but you are still committed to each other.

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I told my WIFE that she was free to do whatever she wished, as far as other men were concerned.

I told her that I had the same freedom, regarding other women.

In the entire time that we were married, neither one of us ever cheated.

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How can you use the phrases “open relationships” and “committed to each other” in the same sentence.

It’s one or the other, I can’t understand how both could exist in the same relationship.

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Impressive ,, a contradict views.

Nice sharing Jack I believe that is a true open relationship even thou one is married.

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Well if your committed to each other, and if you have open relationships with others, then your not really in a committed relationship with each other. I really don’t see this as a committed relationship. My mind is asking… What exactly would one be committed too and to whom?

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If you are in a dating relationship why would you be “dating” other people? If they want to go hang out with a friend that’s ok but they shouldn’t be dating other people if they’re supposed to be in a committed relationship with you. It sounds like it’s setup so the other person can cheat and it will be ok…Which I wouldn’t like that at all, it’s one or the other.

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If I really want to get rid of her, of course, why not!

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People who know me, have always said that I should be committed.

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If she really liked you, she would rather spend her evenings with you. There would be no dating other people.

Do what you want here. Just know that you are not top dog. She is. If you’re asking this then she’s already established the power roles in the relationship.

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You guys are equating “commited” to “exclusive”. The problem is everyone has a different definition of commited and that’s why you’re not understanding each other. This is a much longer topic…

@JackAdams of course you never cheated, if you agreed you can see other people, there’s no way to “cheat”. Cheating means lying or deceiving. You weren’t doing either.

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but it looks like you’re no longer married anyway.

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Well, she finally came to her senses…

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Yes, If you start off telling her what she COULD and what you WOULD….., well…. eventually that catches up with any relationship.

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I agree with celeste.

If you agreed to an open relationship, then you agreed. If you are having second thoughts now, then it’s time for you two to renegotiate the parameters of the relationship. If she doesn’t want to redefine the relationship, well, then…whatever occurs is a result of the choices you have made.

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Whooaaa did I just open a can of worms here ;-)

I think it is clear that most womens will be against it somehow. Wonder if anyone would agree on polygamy issue instead ..

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