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Hey people!1 im appearing for the GDOC test on the 21st.Iv cleared the written test and am going for the psychological test and the physicaltest followed by the interviews.Idont have any idea about the questions that are going to be asked in the psychological test or the interview.Someone help please!

Asked by foranup (2points) September 24th, 2008
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Hopefully it’s nothing about the details field in fluther.
Sorry I had to

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No kidding, I’m amazed I bothered to read through the whole thing.

Foranup, welcome to Fluther. If I may suggest, next time use “Help with test question?” and then put the rest in the details area. You’ll get a much better response that way.

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@ foranup Don’t mind them—they must not be morning ppl.

An if I knew what the hell you were taking about, I’d anwer you.

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You cleared the written test?

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Just be honest. Those psych tests always have a validity scale. If you are dishonest they will know it.

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What does GDOC stand for?

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