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Why did Ben and Andrew...

Asked by SuperMouse (30842points) September 24th, 2008

…not give flutherers the ability to post pictures in questions or answers? Or did they and I just don’t know how to do it?

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great question! pictures would be very cool!

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I seen a question similar a while back, but when I put it in search, I couldn’t find it. But, if I remember correctly, they don’t allow it. I think someone who came from Askville asked it.
Yes, indeed a great question. Now, let us get a great answer!

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Because Pictures would ruin the design and layout of the site. How hard is it to include a link to picture like people already do and preserve the zen-like state that this site has achieved?

Plus, pictures on the internet are always only one thing…

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@bluemukai What one thing?

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iPhones obviously.

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Not obvious to moi.

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iPhones can take, send and display photos. Social network sites for the iPhone use this to their advantage.

Since the original intention of Fluther was as a Q&A site rather than a social site, I suspect they preferred that people post links to photos and other materials they are using as references or resources for providing their Qs or As.

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Hey osullivan why are’nt you cleaning the house

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Did you ever see the spam posts that appear on some of the other sites that allow pictures??? I have a sneak suspicion that it has a lot to do with that.

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And why aren’t you working fabulous?

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I think the ability to drop pictures into a response would make Fluther look like another trashy message board. Being able to easily put links in is sufficient. Plus, if a user not me, of course… never!! has, say, arachnophobia, we’re not tricked into going into a panic over some giant up-close picture of a tarantula. :)

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Would it be in bad taste to do this then?

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Caps? Yeah. Fully warranted.

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I was just wondering would that be acceptable. I won’t post that so if it’s not OK.

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@hearkat….thanks for that info, I didn’t know that :)

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So, when are either of them going to post an ANSWER here?

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We dont have pictures because then fluther would quickly turn into sites like 4chan. We really dont want that now do we? Links are fine.

Plus think of it like this, we do occasionally get our share of people who spam, what happens when they start spamming with annoyingly large images or child pr0ns. Nah id rather just avoid it all together, uploading to tinypic and linking here will suffice.

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What uberbatman said.

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tinypic fails from time to time. uploading a few, even just onto your profile, would be fun.

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I still stick with small text base emoticons like Gtalk… it wont do any harm the last I check .

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