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Do you ever cringe when reading your previous posts?

Asked by SuperMouse (30842points) September 24th, 2008

Just now I re-read a couple of my posts from this morning, as I was reading through the threads, I found typos in two of my answers and I just cringed! I proof and proof and proof, yet somehow the silly errors make their way into the final post! Has this ever happened to you?

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I guess WILL just have to burn your typo arse at the stake, now want we!

Yes, it has happened to me, but I don’t cringe about it. I let others here do the cringing for me.

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Oh, yes. There are quite a few testaments to my lousy editing skills floating around the fluthersphere. They do make me cringe, but they also make me a lot more tolerant of other people’s screw-ups.

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Ha ah. In yor face!!! You should be ashammed of yourself. I never skrews up so I does’nt.

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Yes, but that’s what we have ppl like JackAdams for. To point out our tiny little errors, so they can feel they’ve accomplished something.

And, I firmly believe no one should proof they’re own stuff. I can’t. Think it’s cause you know what you want to say, so you read it back correctly.

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@dolly: Try reading it out loud. My 2nd Grade teacher taught me that, and when I do it never fails me. You tend to ‘accidentally’ pronounce the dumb crap you write by accident, instead of skiming thru it in your head. :)

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Oh God, yes. Sometimes I wonder what 5 year old got a hold of my account when I re-read my typos and grammatical mistakes.

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@asmonet I’ll try that at home…can’t at work. They think I’m insane enough already!

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I never read stuff again. I press Answer and move on. This saves me from worrying about typos, I guess. It also saves me from being bothered by knowledge of what I said. Ignorance is bliss, you know!

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Yeah, I’ve cringed on several occaisions!

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@dolly: I dig. Same deal for me here where I work. :) That’s why I missed the word ‘skimming’.

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Oh, yeah. Especially when I made an error in a thread about spellcheck!

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LOL – Yep, that makes me crazy too. Sure, it does happens to the best of us.

However, the one time that I make EXTRA certain my grammar and prose is correct is when I am correcting others in theirs! LOL

Just read, read again and read once more before posting. Never post when you just woke up or are sleepy at the end of the day.

Also, you can try copying and pasting your text into Word or an email client like Outlook Express, etc. and then run grammar and spelling checks from within those programs. Might catch things that you missed more than once.

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