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Have you noticed anything about Fluther's topics cloud?

Asked by robmandu (21285points) September 24th, 2008

Check out Fluther’s cloud of topic keywords. Listed alphabetically, the larger words are those of topics discussed more often. Looks like it’s only showing the top 200 most used tags.

Here’s what I think is funny: how seemingly unrelated words end up proximally close together and then take on new meaning.

– beauty, beer, behavior
– gifts, girls
– Google, government
– guitar, hair
– memory, men
– sex, shoes
– et cetera.

What do you see?

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Yes, I’ve noticed that asking a question about Fluther’s cloud, will apparently get some flutherers very upset.

To answer yours, I find it quite interesting. Apart from it being a question/answer forum, Fluther also serves as a good attention data gatherer. You get to really see what people are mostly interested in. Or you get just random words. Either way, cool to look at.

My favorite combination is: language life love

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Los Angeles love Mac Mac OS X MacBook , etc
Seattle sex shoe shopping
San Francisco school science

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How odd. I’ve never seen this “topic cloud”. How do you get there from the main page? I am such a ditz.

Never mind. I found it.

Seems like sex is running behind. I guess we need more sex topics…

Thanks WTF….I finally found it.

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On the home page you’ll see a small cloud under the heading topics and under that a notation to see all topics…click on that

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psychology questions random
women words : )

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music names networking
philosophy phones photography
girls Google government

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Fluther food (I’m hungry!)
family fashion film
reading real estate recipes (I’m really hungry!)

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@whatthefluther wow… you’re on a roll there..

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Did I see, safe, sex, sucks?

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clothing code college
time travel TV
website weddings

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TV Shows vacation video
sports taxes
politics pregnancy president (Palin reference)

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Microsoft money (duh)
wireless women (my preference)
pain parenting
PC people (as in politically correct)

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mail marketing marriage
jailbreak jobs
laptop law

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words work

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I need a life

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This one cracks me up!

Politics pregnacy president

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restaurants romance San Francisco
president programming
America animals answer Apple

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children cleaning clothing (that’s how to get rid of pestering children)
driving drugs (there shouldn’t be any)
email English (not textspeak)

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government grammar (gibberish)
Bay Area beauty
California cars
diet dogs (make mine Kosher but with the fat)

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drinking driving (never go together)
babies baking (hopefully babies baking cookies in those toy ovens and not someone baking babies)
money movies

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I imagined them as book titles and names of products.

Leopard Life (literature)
Marriage Math (subtitled when 1+1=trouble)
Love, Mac (the True Story of a Boy’s 1st Computer Love)
Pain Parenting (a bootcamp for parents that need to get it together)
Pets Philosophy (bathroom reading, for sure)
Random Reading (ditto)
Seattle Sex (the Not-So-Sleepless Town Tells All)

Vista Water the water for MS Geeks

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@whatthefluther…I’m thinking I need one, too! ;)

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start by looking so close, that your nose touches the monitor. Then slowly back away, and soon you’ll see the space shuttle!

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School, science, sex. Wtf? No offense, WTF.

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@knotmyday…None taken…good find! Tomorrow, with fresh eyes, I shall seek the space shuttle utilizing the @stratman37 technique (that is if I can clear away enough crap off my desk to get my nose anywhere near my monitor)! See you around… wtf

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I have to admit, it is much better than when I first started – back in January. There was one, and I repeat – one – huge word there.


Thank the gods it is what it is now.


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It’s what I don’t see that bothers me. I have seen tags on questions that I come across that don’t show up in the tag cloud at all, like where is crafts? or Knitting? two of my favorite things.

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