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Bayesian verses frequentist statistics?

Asked by tfahland (3points) September 24th, 2008

I had a question about these 2 forms of statistics. Bayesian seems to be used alot more and I understand that due to computing power. But this is math, isn’t one method right and the other wrong for certain cases, and its not a matter of choice. Isn’t frequentist essentially a simplification of bayesian (ie, neglecting the prior?). Thanks.

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This is a very complicated issue. You will find many viewpoints on the appropriateness of Bayesian versus frequentist statistics. At least in my field (medicine and science), frequentist statistics predominate, most likely because they are somewhat easier to understand. Also, many people don’t like Bayesian methods, because they require an estimate of the prior probability before arriving at a “final” probability. That estimate is fraught with error and makes it difficult to know if something is “true”. Here is an article describing the battle within medicine and science over the two methods.

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