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How often do you eat lettuce and tomatoes?

Asked by Dutchess_III (46620points) 1 week ago

I just ate a BLT. Since I had the stuff out I chopped up lettuce & tomatoes for a burrito later on. Those 2 meals are where I use lettuce and tomatoes 99% of the time.

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Salads three or 4 times a week.

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I eat salad daily, but not always with tomatoes.

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I enjoy cooked tomatoes, but I hate lettuce and raw tomatoes.

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One of my favorite dishes is elbow Mac with stewed tomatoes and tomato sauce. When I eat it I add shredded cheddar cheese.

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All the time I suppose.

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Every full moon, when my body shifts, warps, and contorts into the monstrous form of a mangy Guinea pig.

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I used to get most of my veggies from A&W burgers, but now its mainly from Low Sodium V8 veggie cocktails.

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Tomatoes: often.
Lettuce: rarely. Mostly on tuna sandwiches or Caesar salad.

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about 4–5 times a week.

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“I like mine with lettuce and tomatoes.
Heinz 57 and French fried potatoes”

So whenever I have a burger, but more often when I eat a salad. To me, a salad without tomatoes is sorely lacking.

I tend to avoid tomatoes on sandwiches because they dampen the bread.

And I write this post wondering how many spelling errors Dan Quayle would have made.

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Very often. We have good fresh tomatoes year round here where I live. I love salads as well as tomato sandwiches.

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Tomato sandwiches with Swiss rock!

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^^^ @Dutchess_III add a thin slice of red onion and more Swiss, then grill it in a skillet. It was called a “Nightmare” at a sandwich I went to almost 60 years ago.

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Lots, when tomatos are in season. Rarely if not.

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“Tomato sandwiches with Swiss rock!”

I’ve found that Swiss cheese causes a lot less dental damage than Swiss rock. ;)

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Cluck @brian !

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Not that often. Recently, more in a salad, but recently the local grower’s market has left tomato season, though I now have a few pasta sauce recipes that use tomatoes.

Otherwise, I tend not to eat much lettuce except in salads or occasional restaurant food. I tried a little cole slaw the other night, but I rarely eat much of that when I do.

Tomatoes I usually only eat in some other recipe, such as a pizza or pasta sauce, or a salad, or a curry sauce. I do like BLT’s, but rarely eat them.

For greens, I’m more likely to eat kale, collards, or spinach, in a recipe.

I also just ate some dried seaweed.

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Nearly every day.

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Lettuce is a daily intake for me. Tomato at least 3–4 times a week.

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