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Is there a way to switch the music on my iPod to my iPhone?

Asked by jcknight (79points) August 8th, 2007 from iPhone

I want to move all the music files from my iPod nano to my iphone since my nano is only a 2gb and my phone is 8gb. i can change info on both of them the same time on itunes but i cant move the music files over.Plus my iphone seems to not give as much control as my ipod does when editing my music files.pleez help me see the light... or a way to fake the "man" into letting me do it

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1. Get a freeware program called iDump thats lets you transfer songs from your iPod to your PC
2. Run iDump - check all the songs you want to copy back to your pc - the interface is pretty easy to use
3. Open iTunes, add the songs to your library and then drag the songs to your iPhone and you are done

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Mirza is right.. but also if you can't get it to work for any reason at all.. there are a TON of 3rd party iPod programs out there, and a google search will turn up lots. That said, iDump is pretty good, among them. :)

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thanks for the info you are my tech gods..

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