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Is anyone getting telephone calls to extend their car warranty?

Asked by Mr_M (7596points) September 24th, 2008

Only on my two cell phone numbers, REPEATEDLY, I get phone calls from some company warning me I have one last chance to renew my car warranty. When I speak to the agent and tell them “not interested”, they tell me they will take my name off the list – yet the calls keep coming. What to do? Is it happening to you?

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It is constant! I can’t figure out why they do it. My car has 120,000 miles on it.

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For me it started four weeks ago or so.

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i have been getting them and it makes me crazy. i don’t answer the phone if it’s from an 800 number now. i was getting them before getting my new car – getting them refering to the car i didn’t have any longer – that’s how i know they’re full of shit.

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Oh they ARE full of it. When I asked what name are they looking for, they could only respond “Is this phone number…?” I’d ask, “What NAME are you looking for?”, they’d repeat “Is this phone number…?” And THEY didn’t know anything about what car I have either.

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Yes! What the hell?!

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Yes, for the last year or so.

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I’ve been getting them on my home phone AND work phone. I had an extended warranty that was up 22,000 .iles ago. I also get stuff in the mail. The calls I’m getting are recordings, so I’ve been hanging up.

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