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Who thinks that they are brainwashed?. Just a little even?

Asked by sundayBastard (605points) September 24th, 2008
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They’re not brainwashed, they’re enlightened.

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What are we talking about again?

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I think just about anyone has been brainwashed a little bit.

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If you really want to know, go to Borders or Barnes & Nobles and read a book called “The 4 Agreements”. One of the things it talks about is how we are conditioned from the time we are born to conform to a socially acceptable “norm”. We are “taught” that if we do things the way we are told, we will be rewared… go against them and we are punished. Society dictates reality to us if we let it. The book, (which is an easy read by the way) helps us become aware of how we are “brainwashed” and how we can escape from it.

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Another great book is called “Mind Control” by Dr. Ha Ha Lung. It is very difficult to break your conditioned mind. Well actually it is a never ending process. I found that life is not about, trying to find out who you are, but who you are not.

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Is there a distinction between brain-washed and conditioned?

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Nah, not really. LOL

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your not..but what about you?

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Funny, I was just discussing this in pm’s with another Flutherite. I was brainwashed the entire time I was growing up by the Catholic church, I’m still working to overcome some of the ideas they put in my head.

I enthusiastically second John Roberts’ recommendation of The Four Agreements. It is an amazing and insightful book.

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Yes I will check it out.

People who say they are not are realy the most. Crazy Huh?

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no…i don’t think i am.

Unless you mean the possible fact that this world is like the Twilight Zone episode where the ppl are being moved around by a giant little girl in a pretend world, as her playthings.

I could buy into that. And I wish she’d put me down..

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The beer industry has brainwashed me into a beer drinking robot.

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lol no shiza me too

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Oh I am…. Most definitely.

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