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Have you read the Fluther Interview: Wildflower?

Asked by jca (36030points) September 24th, 2008

Any thoughts? i thought it was a great interview.

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I read it. The end was great.

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Not yet! Thanks for the head’s up!
Runs off to read.

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Is there a link to it, please?

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Loved it, adored it, bowed down to it…

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Yes. It’s it’s always nice to see what the others have to say.

What type of fish do you have hooked, WF?

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It was great!!! Thanks Wildflower and congratulations PnL on a great first piece!!!!

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Three cheers for Wildflower!
Hip! Hip Hooray!

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I liked it very much!

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Good stuff!

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Nimis: Hip Hop Hooray.

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