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Which one is better? Google Android or Samsung Omnia?

Asked by panspermia (308points) September 24th, 2008

I’ve been thinking of buying a new cell phone. I have two choice :
-Samsung Omnia
-Google Android
I know samsung has more features..At least it has 5 mp. camera..On the other hand google android will be cheaper than samsung
What do you think about it? If i buy google android can it be a mistake?

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well, it’s both still pretty young, and they both learned from the master, and it’ll always be the question if the student will surpass the master, so yeah, i wouldn’t jump the gun too soon

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Google Android. More support and a lot of creative apps and features.

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And this should be your next phone…

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Both are actually really great alternatives to the Iphone. But though it’s true that the Iphone has a better integrated system, the G1’s Android OS offers much greater accessibility and potential for development (as it’s open source) while the Omnia still tops the industry’s most superior hardware for smart phones.

But why choose between the two when you can get the best of both worlds? Samsung will be releasing an Omnia-like, Android-based Googlephone in the next year (circa Q2 2009). Essentially, it’ll be an Omnia with the Android OS installed.

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wow!! i didnt know can be perferct :)

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Definitely go with Android. Its pretty much like an Iphone but with free apps and it does things better and faster. It also has instant access to all of googles applications

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