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What is the future of reality tv?

Asked by magicalj (1points) September 24th, 2008

Maybe reality tv is just a fad. But if assume that it is here to stay, and there are some good indications that it is (e.g. low production costs, consistently high ratings), what will come next? Aren’t they out of ideas? I mean really.

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Whenever you think it can’t get any worse, it surprises you.

Unfortunately, because of the low production costs and high ratings
I think it will probably be around for a while longer at least.

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But can it get better? And how?

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No. Is it anything like project runway?

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Hahaha…did you just ask if The Running Man was like Project Runway?
Sorry. I didn’t mean for that to sound rude. But that was really funny!

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@magical, I edited my previous response to include a link. It was a movie about a reality game show played to the death..literally.


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Hopefully, they will start executing everyone who is on them. Then I would be glued to the screen!

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It hurts my heart whenever I turn on the TV these days. Literally, it does.

Have any of you seen The Moment of Truth?

Did any of you watch Studio 60 when it was on?

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thanks for the link trudacia. I hope that is a long way off!

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my predictions…MORE JUNK

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I do find the reality fall line-up to be interesting.

We’re starting to see a move from plain old narcissism (through fashion)
and the usual celebration of materialism (through interior design).
While the focus is still on fashion and interior design,
it’s beginning to shift to third party identity performance.

There is HGTV’s The Stagers that focuses on home-staging.
Then there’s Bravo’s The Rachel Zoe Project that focuses on the life of a celebrity stylist.

While both of these professions have been around for awhile,
(And I have nothing personal against either one.)
I think with all the social-networking sites like MySpace and Facebook,
we are slowly (or not so slowly) becoming divorced from our sense of self.
Reality television is merely reflecting back our own cultural issues.

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Reality killed the non-reality star…..hmm…hm……mh.m.m..

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The Amazing Solar System Race?

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I watch TV because I don’t want reality!!!

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btw, almost ALL if not ALL of these CRAP shows are scripted. I can’t believe how some people are SUCH WH*RES (attention/camera wh*re)

They have all FAILED as human beings


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Hopefully, it doesn’t have a future.

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@Trudacia: You took my answer!
@Trumi: I refuse to watch that Moment of Truth torture fest. Sickening. Also, I loved Studio 60!

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I <3 august!

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There is NO SUCH THING as “reality TV” anymore. The only reality television shows were the earliest ones, such as “Big Brother 1” or “Survivor 1”. Since those shows, the contestants put on an act for the camera – they know the show will make them somewhat famous and so they act the way they think it suits them best. Look at “Omarosa”.

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@trumi: Aw, shucks

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