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Will you be nice or cantankerous when you grow old?

Asked by SuperMouse (30814points) September 24th, 2008

This question followed by this question got me to wondering. Which do you think you’ll be in your old age, sweet and lovely or nasty and cantankerous?

I’m betting on nasty and cantankerous for myself.

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I’ll bet on outspoken and loud. Oh wait, I’m already there. Define old age. Does 33 qualify?

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I’ll be more cantankerous. I’m still very young, and I can’t stand the people my own age!

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I figure as long as my pecker works I will be nice and fine. If I end up like some of them old farts and I have erectile dysfunction and viagra doesn’t work then I will be one grumpy old man.

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@Buster, If you live long enough, you will be one of them old farts with ED. But you will be thrilled to be breathing, standing erect, having pretty good vision and hearing – it really is all relative. You might want to discover some other hobbies to make the transition easier.

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I’ve already got a jump start on cantankerous.
Not so nasty though.

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I’ll be a total badass.

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I’m pretty nice in person. I’d like to think I’ll stay that way. I do tend to give my honest opinion more now, the older I get. I doubt that will change; sometimes that’s a good thing.

When I was a teenager, I remember cringing when my mother was asked how her dinner was in a restaurant. I would say ‘fine’ really fast, hoping they would move on, while she would recite a list of what was not prfect for her. lol

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I will be nicely cantankerous! :-)

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Get off my front lawn!

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I’m old. I catch more flies with honey. And it is easier on my nervous system to be nice, most of the time. I notice a lot of reciprocity when I am pleasant.

Milo enjoys the flies, although tonight his dessert du jour was a very small ant.

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I’ll be a nice old lady. I’ll bake the sweet kids next door some brownies. =)

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laced with poison, if they’yre brats?

Don’t forget to turn off the stove!

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I think I’ll be nice, but a little cranky.

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I’m cantankerous already. I’m planning on being a royal bitch when I’m old.

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I will be one of those seemingly cantankerous old farts that really isn’t

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I have had two examples in my life that have made me determined not to be a pill when I am old. I once lived near an old folks’ home. Interacting with them on a daily basis was enlightening. Some were friendly, interested, curious, and sweet. Others were totally self-interested, mean, short-tempered, downright nasty. I began to suspect that it probably impacted the quality of care they received and thus their life expectancy.

Also, who wants to spend their days like that? Not me. So unpleasant.

Lately, I’ve been appalled at my mother’s nasty sharpness and sniping at and about her caregivers. I will fall on my sword first before I get that way.

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I sooooo agree!

I have always been a nice person, open, friendly, humorous…I don’t see that changing, and…you make a very good point about the quality of care.

I don’t think temparment changes much as one ages, if you have been a snide and diffecult young person you’re gonna be a mean old dog too. lol

You have to BE the KIND of person others WANT to be around…or you will find yourself friendless in your hour of need.

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