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Trailer trash?

Asked by deaddolly (3406points) September 24th, 2008

Is is true? Or an undeserved stereotype? Why do all the ppl on Jerry Springer live in trailer parks (and why do they have no teeth?)

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Is that show still on?

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Sadly, yes it is. His security guy – the bald ex-cop – even got his own spin off show. Argh…and here I sit, undiscovered.

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Not all people who live in trailers are trash, but alot of trashy people live in trailers…go figure!! On the show, they don’t have teeth because it’s their cousin bubbah’s day to wear them, and they couldn’t scrape up enough bus fare to bring him along! ha ha!!

I’m just kidding, so don’t anyone get their panties in a wad over this

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Not all people on that show are actually, you know, what they say. Most of them are actors or actresses. I know someone who went on as a polyester princess—trust me, she’s anything but.

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yeah, i’m sure it’s all staged, but ppl living in trailers are not looked on favorably.

Did you ever see Trailer Trash Barbie?

I just wonder how it all started to be ‘uncool?’

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Near Sonoma State Univ. there is a trailer park that rents small trailers to students and the like. It’s more like hippie commune than “trailer park”. By the way, I think the PC term is “mobile home community”. :)

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@ scamp I always wanted one of those.

I don’t know anyone who says ‘mobile home community’. I wouldn’t mind living in one, it may be all I can afford when i find the city I want to live in…But, I wouldn’t wanna be carried off to Oz.
But, I don’t want to live among nasty ppl…when i think of a trailer park, I think of ppl like TT Barbie…the land of domestic disputes…and boozin, cig smokin, uneducated ppl.
Why is that?

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I live in a RV. I can probably fix the transmission on your old Camaro. I won’t do it at 3am. I wouldn’t consider myself trailer trash. I am just cheap. And I visit the dentist often.

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See, I knew there were normal ppl there. Tell me more. What are your neighbors like???
Can they chew their meat?

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I Love Me Some Trailer Trash.

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dims womans makes some good babies! Plus day know how to take care of uh man…uhh huhhck uh huuuck…...underneath hims britches…uhuhuhck uhuhck

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k, calm down and put your teeth back in.

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Here on the San Diego coast there are spaces in mobile home parks (I think that’s what they call them) that are selling for upwards of $250,000. I know about them because when I was looking for my house I got very excited about finding such an “outrageously cheap” house on the Carlsbad coast. Imagine my dismay when I located it…

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What makes them so repulsive to others?

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UFOs are attracted to them and they cause tornadoes

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Well, they’re not a permanent dwelling, and they lose value as they age – as opposed to a house, which gains equity. For this reason, older trailers were cheaper to buy and to rent – perfect for low-wage earners.

Additionally, the older, smaller (real) trailers were small enough to be hooked up to the back of a vehicle and toted around. That made them good for people who were transient in nature. I don’t believe that there has ever been a society who’s looked kindly upon nomadic types.

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that makes sense, thank you McBean.

UFO’s attracted to them? Pls explain.

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I live in the south. While it is true that not everyone who lives in a trailer is trashy, there does seem to be a preponderance of, shall we say, dignity-challenged residents.

(As an aside, a local gay bar has a “trailer trash drag show” every Thursday night.)

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First of all, I was just joking, but if you have ever noticed it is usually a couple of drunk whisky tangos in front of a trailer talking about how they scared dim dare ufo thingies away wit dare shotguns hhhaaaa heeee huck

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Yeah, I think the whole trailer trash concept has taken on a life of it’s own. Even if they have decent ones; it’s still common perception that primarily lower class people live there.

So, I guess I should cross them of my list of places to live, eh?

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How about this trailer park. Stellar views.

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@tinyfaery while that place sounds pretty nice, it kind of proves deaddolly’s point. The thing that made it newsworthy is the fact that it is not trashy.

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I know. I just wanted everyone to see it. I’ve been to this place. The views are fabulous.

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I’m going to look at the link again. I didn’t see any pics the first time.

Ok, looked again but I can’t see any pics hun. ???

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@scamp/tinyfaery Those are very cool. If i wanted to pay that much for a trailer, I’d rather go for a house. lol

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I have a trailer. We go camping in it, bought it because my SO is an “I Love Lucy” fan. Does that make me trailer trash? please say yes

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k, YES!!!!!!!

btw, I love lucy too…..

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