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Is there such a thing as a true nihilist?

Asked by sundayBastard (605points) September 24th, 2008

is it possible? Or would they just cease to exist?

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I believe a true nihilist would simply behave in a sort of catatonic state. The idea being that the foundation of behavior is based in the concept: nothing is preferable to anything. Thus life is not preferable to death, etc. There is no motive to drive an individual. This would result in a sort of characteristic inertia of the true nihilist (or how I conceive of the ideal) where no force is applied to the system, thus no acceleration. Pardon my physics reference. Yet the world is random and any perceived reason is simply a human device, so in a way we’re all nihilists. We behave as the universe propels us. How would you recognize a true nihilist?

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I don’t know? I think I am one…

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I’ve been a nihilist before, but only for very short periods (usually only a fraction of a second, at the pinnacle of my nihilism for several seconds at a time).

But a true nihilist? I think the only people who may qualify are true psychopaths, the kind of people who can kill people and feel no remorse whatsoever.

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uh oh… in trouble…...................weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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Backing away, quietly .

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To behave as a nihilist I think you have to act with some irrationality. I think that’s impossible. Every person calculates their behavior based on predictions and assumptions they make about their future circumstances. Essentially each moment of one’s life is part of a vast continuum of decision making. So for each situation the nihilist would be confronted with a decision which would have a rational and irrational behavior associated. “Kill a person” or “don’t kill a person.” Under nihilism it would seem that either path is rationalized…. So the whole effort is sort of self-defeating.

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I never met a nihilist who thought so.

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The way I see it nihilism = self destruction. Therefore a true nihilist would not be long for this world.

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