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Installing python scripts in OS X...

Asked by tWrex (1655points) September 24th, 2008

Ok, so I’ve been using python on windows and linux for about 2 years now, but I just got a new macbook pro and want to do all my development on here now. Problem is, I can’t get any of my fargin’ modules to load. I’ve created a symlink into the /Library/Python/2.5/site-packages file from my local /home/Library/etc… What is the deal? In XP you drop the file into the directory with the other modules. Why isn’t it this easy on Leopard? Or am I retarded?

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Well, I am just retarded. Had I simply typed in: python -c ‘ import sys; print sys.path’ to find out my system path, I would have realized I was symlinking to the wrong path. Why I have two instances of python, I have no clue.

Now if I could actually get the script to run. Not sure why it won’t but I’ll be damned if doing things on OS X aren’t starting to irritate me like a yeast infection.

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You know python? Awesome! I’m learning. Slowly.

As for your question, I doubt I can help you sorry :(

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I know it, but I’m still learning myself. My issue is that I know a lot of languages, but I’m not a guru in any of them. Jack-of-all trades, if you will.

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I’m pretty much the same, although my level of knowledge is minute in most languages, I’ve tried PHP, Python, Java, Visual Basic .NET and have looked at C++, but I can’t create anything worthwhile sadly. I’ve decided to stick with Python and PHP for now with a healthy dose of SQL to try and work with databases in a more advanced manner.

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Good luck with that all. Python is definitely an asset to any developers toolbox. Between web dev, desktop apps and integration into programs like maya – so you can develop your own plugins – it’s got the best of everything in it. Plus it’s completely cross-platform so it’ll run on pretty much anything. I think I saw a toaster a few years ago running python. Why, I have no idea, but I believe it was a toaster. Maybe a microwave… now i’m not sure

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