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How do I get that gasoline smell off my hands?

Asked by stickyc (21points) September 24th, 2008

I’ve spilled gasoline on my hands and now they smell horrible. I’ve tried large amounts of soap and water, but the stink wont go away. Any ideas how to neutralize the smell? I’d rather not replace it with a worse smell.

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try rubbing orange slices on your hand or squeezing a peeled orange.

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Turpentine will get the gasoline smell off.

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more warm water and soap.

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I had this problem a lot recently when gassing up my generator after Hurricane Gustav so I’m anxious to know the right answer.

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Try lava soap (link) if you can get some, it cleans pretty much everything off your skin so I would think it may be able to get that smell as well.

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An alcohol based cleaner should work. Keep Purell or a generic version in your car so you get it off b4 it seeps in next time.

Drs./chefs use stainless steel (you can get a ‘bar’ shaped one or use your kitchen sink). You just rub your hands on it. it gets off garlic/onion and formaldehyde smells.

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Meant to add, if you have a bottle of rubbing alcohol at home, you can pour some on your hands. Just wash well & then lotion or your skin will crack.

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why do you want to do that, gasoline smells so good
ok. for a while

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Apply some lighter fluid to your hands where the most stink is comming from. Then apply an open flame to the area which is wet from lighter fluid. Withen a matter of seconds you will have forgotten all about the gasoline smell. -Hope this helps

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