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Why does he keep doing this to me?

Asked by Lee_27 (348points) September 24th, 2008 from iPhone

I have been on and off seeing this guy for almost a year. He has always been the one to call things off and never given me any real reasons I always beg for him to take me back. This last time I begged him to take me back and he said no so I completely left him alone now he is calling and even dropped by my house unannounced. Why if he doesnt want to be with me can’t he just leave me alone?

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He wants sex?

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If i were you i would give him what he deserves, but i’m also a bitch so maybe that’s not the best idea…

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He’s controlling, immature and probably just wants sex. Some people, if allowed to, will manipulate anyone they can just so life can be exactly how they want it, when they want it. Stop letting him and he’ll have no choice, by his own way of living, but to leave you alone. He’ll just try to find someone else to control.

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Have some self respect and stop begging. Tell him to get lost.

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He does it because you allow him to.

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drop his ass. Seriously I went through the same thing I wish everyday I had Someone to tell me to drop him forever. He’s playing games with u possibly cheating and that never changes. U deserve somone better.

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get rid of him sweety. as much you may care for him, hes using it to his advantage. if hes only going to come around when its convenient for him, let him no its nolonger convenient for you

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Why would you beg for anything?

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You are his “fall back” girl. Tell him to take a hike…you will get over it, and feel loads better about yourself, too.

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Because you allow it.

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He is bouncing off of you and someone else just like you. She is wondering the same thing. Shit! she might even be on here somewhere.

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He’s just not that into you!
apparently you let him get into you, so when Mr. Happy’s feelingspringy, he drops by

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Look quit wasting you energy on this shit-bag. Apparently he does not give a fuck about you.

Just tell him “hey can we just be fuck buddies?” and when he says “Hell yeah!”
Just bitch slap him! He answered your question for you.

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Is this another case of girls always love bad guys ? ????

Because bad guys have the power and treat you like a doormat.

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he likes how he can play you like an instrument. he’s playing you, honey. show him you have some self respect and don’t deal with him the next time he comes around.

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if he comes around only for sex, i hope it’s at least good sex.

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He came around, because you didn’t. He doesn’t want you to be his girlfriend, but he wants you wanting him. It’s a boost to his ego.

You can do so much better!

Tell him, thanks, but no thanks. You have moved on!

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