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Today is my father's birthday, any suggestions?

Asked by qashqai (2465points) September 25th, 2008

Today my father turns 59!
I am coming back from my business trip abroad and I need to find a present for him, but I have got absolutely no idea.

There’s no budget limitation, but the present has to fit in a hand luggage, since tomorrow I will fly back again to client location. (E.g. I cannot buy him a racing-horse).

Any idea is more than welcome.

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What country are you in?

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I think you can get an ipod touch at the airport. My husband is 58 and loves his.

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Thank you Judi!

I am in London, UK and I am flying towards Nice, France.
It doesn’t have to be an “airport present”, my flight leaves around 6pm and I stop working at lunch time, so I have a couple hours of spare time to roam around the city looking for something.

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It’s always been my advice that you can’t go wrong with a gift certificate, because then the recipient is then free to select and obtain something that s/he genuinely wants.

I have never had anyone tell me that they were ever “disappointed” to receive a gift certificate.

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Have you ever had anyone rude enough to say they were dissapointed to receive any gift?

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Yes, indeed.

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I don’t think I want your friends!

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It’s one of the reasons why I will never again try to buy SHOES for a woman!

“Wrong size!”
“Wrong color!”
“Wrong style!”
“Wrong store!”

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shoes are tough, but then again, you can never have to many pairs of shoes!

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Shoes are not “tough.”

Shoes are impossible!

I give gift certificates to shoe stores, from now on.

I learned my lesson, well.

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Shoes are impossible.
Silly Jack. Trying to buy shoes for a woman. Tsk.

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I know. Forgive me; I was a newlywed. Nobody told me that men should never buy shoes for a woman.

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It was a sweet gesture nonetheless. Foolish mind you. But sweet.

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She thanked me for the thought, but told me that if I ever did it again, that she had the right to shoot me. (I forgot the specific law she quoted.)

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I still think your dad would like the ipod touch. Just load it up with some ‘60’s iTunes.

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A watch. He’ll like it.

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What about writing you father a letter about what he has meant to you in your life? The things that you learned from him when young that you use today; the values that he instilled in you; the times you had with him that you treasure. End with how much you love him.

You could never give him anything he would appreciate more.

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In your letter, let him know that you know someone (me) who never had any kind of father, ever.

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